Why Is Bird Sitting On Ground Not Moving? (Explained!)

It can be concerning to see your bird sitting on the ground not moving.

This is a sight that you will not want to see. However, it is a common problem that does pop up as bird owners at one point or another.

So, why is your bird sitting on ground not moving?

Birds can sit on the ground not moving when they are injured or severely ill. This can be accompanied by puffed-up feathers, closed eyes, and whimpering. It’s best to help the bird up and remove it from this position.

This is not the time to mull over what is going on. You will want to take action and speak to a vet as soon as you can.

Most birds will not expose themselves in this position, especially in the wild. This is dangerous and can get them killed.

As a result, a bird that is sitting on the ground not moving is likely severely injured or sick. It is often done when they have no other option and are about to pass away.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons a bird may be sitting on the ground not moving.

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Reasons Bird Is Sitting On Ground Not Moving

1. Disease or Infection

Birds are just like any other animal and will get sick.

This is true for garden or pet birds.

You will want to assess the bird’s condition as an underlying disease can be fatal. If the bird is left exposed on the ground, this means the disease/infection has spread aggressively.

You will want to take action right away to mitigate the problem and get to the bottom of what’s going on. A vet can help with this part of the process as many different types of diseases can lead to this reaction.

Experts Say...
Birds can end up dealing with diseases that spread throughout the body causing them to become weak. This weakness is the reason they are left on the ground with nowhere to go.

Birds that are dealing with a disease are going to have to go through a rigorous treatment plan to get better.

This includes bringing them indoors for a climate-controlled treatment setup. This is the only way to allow the bird to get better and for its immune system to stand a chance.

A vet can better guide you as to what the bird needs for its specific medical condition.

bird sitting on ground not moving

2. Injury

Younger birds will often end up dealing with injuries.

This is more common because they are always going to be on the move and might get hurt due to being overzealous.

This can lead to severe injuries that are not easy to deal with and can be quite bothersome. You will want to be aware of this and make sure the bird’s injury is not worsened as you help it up.

Birds can get injured whether it’s during a predator attack or simply getting hurt. It’s best to help birds in this position as they will likely pass away.

A vet can help diagnose what the injury is and how to treat it.

You will want to get an x-ray done on the bird’s body to see what’s going on. This will shed light on the gravity of the injury and why it has left the bird grounded.

bird sitting on ground not moving

3. Aging

This is simply a fact of life for birds.

Birds will grow older and this can cause them to start sitting on the ground. With a bird sitting on the ground not moving, it might just be too old to move.

This happens when birds separate themselves from the flock to avoid becoming a weak point. This allows the flock to survive while the aging bird passes away on its own.

As a result, when you find a bird not moving on the ground, it might just be an extension of this process. It might be dying because it is too old to survive.

Related Questions

1. What Do You Do When A Bird Won’t Move?

If a bird won’t move, it’s best to pick it up and check its physical status. You can test this by letting the bird outside to see if it flies away. If it doesn’t, it’s best to consult with a vet and/or local wildlife rehabilitator for more information on what to do.

2. How Do You Know When A Wild Bird Is Dying?

A wild bird that is dying will often be sitting on the ground not moving. This is a common sign along with being puffed up, weak, and potentially whimpering.

Final Thoughts

Why Is your bird sitting on ground not moving?

A bird that is sitting on the ground not moving might be dealing with a disease, injury, or is simply getting old. Each situation is unique and it’s best to consult with a vet to learn more about what’s going on with the bird.

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