Why Does My Bird Scream When I Leave The Room? (Explained!)

It can take a while to bond with your bird and earn its trust.

A lot of bird owners struggle with this and often maintain a distance from their birds. This can be for a wide array of reasons including not feeling safe in the bird’s presence.

However, there are also opposite cases where the bond is quite strong. This can lead to questions such as, why does my bird scream when I leave the room?

Birds will scream out of separation anxiety when you leave the room. This is common in birds that are bonded to you and want to maintain contact with you.

It can take a while to get a bird to calm down and learn that you will come back. Many birds take a long time to adjust and some never do.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons birds scream when owners leave the room.

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Reasons Bird Screams When You Leave The Room

1. Separation Anxiety

It all starts with separation anxiety in birds.

A bird that is bonded to you will not like the idea of being away from you. This is just a natural reaction to wanting to always be around their “family,” which is you in this case.

Birds like to stay with their flock and any separation can make them upset. This can include any time you leave from their sight.

The best course of action is to train the bird to deal with separation anxiety. This includes earning the bird’s trust and constantly leaving the room to make it get used to the idea of separation.

Experts Say...
It is common for birds to develop a strong bond with their owners and this can lead to all sorts of behavioral issues including squawking when you are about to leave.

This is not always going to be a straightforward situation and you will have to work on it slowly. The goal is to teach the bird that being away from you is not the end of the world.

You can even use treats to get the bird used to you leaving from the room.

Birds that have separation anxiety will act out. This can include starting to chirp loudly and attempting to get your attention by any means necessary.

This is their way of getting you to respond.

does my bird scream when I leave the roo

2. Boredom

It is possible for birds to get bored and that can lead to a lot of frustration.

Birds that live in secluded rooms and/or in small birdcages will often act out like this. They will get bored and the only stimulation they are going to receive is from you.

Due to this, the bird will want to enjoy having fun with you for as long as possible. When this is about to end, the bird will get annoyed.

Birds can get bored just like any other animal and some will take this out on you when it is time to leave. They will often squawk loudly to make sure you know.

This can lead to a response where the bird starts screaming at the top of its lungs.

This is a natural response to feeling bored and wanting the fun to continue. It won’t last for a long time but it will happen often if the bird gets bored.

does my bird scream when I leave the roo

3. Upset

This is an extension of the other reasons.

A bird is going to get upset when you are leaving because it wants to be around you all the time. This emotion tends to come out in different ways because the bird is trying to release its built-up stress.

When a bird is upset, it will start shivering and will also scream. This is something you should be ready for when you are about to leave.

Related Questions

1. What Does It Mean When A Bird Screams?

When a bird screams, this means it is upset, angry, or bored. The emotion can vary depending on what has stimulated the response. Birds will often scream to grab someone’s attention and this can include other birds or their owners.

2. How Do I Stop My Bird From Screaming When I Leave The Room?

The best way to stop a bird from screaming when you leave is to reward good behavior. Leave the room, wait for the bird to stop screaming, and then walk in with a treat. Do this multiple times until the bird gets used to behaving.

Final Thoughts

Why does my bird scream when I leave the room?

Birds will scream when you leave the room if they are angry, upset, or bored. This is a reaction to separating from you and wanting the fun to continue.

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