Is Tissue Paper Safe For Birds? (Answered!)

Tissue paper is a soft paper that is commonly used for wiping, wrapping, or protecting delicate items. It is a household item that is seen in every home and is often ignored until it is needed.

This is why a lot of bird owners worry about their bird eating tissue paper. Is this a legitimate concern to have? is tissue paper safe for birds?

Tissue paper is safe for birds and can be consumed in moderation. Most birds will chew on tissue paper for harmless fun and will enjoy having it in their mouth.

The only time paper becomes dangerous is if has ink on it. This includes newspapers. Birds should not be chewing those papers because the ink is dangerous for a bird’s digestive system and can do damage.

As long as the tissue paper is clean, it will be okay for a bird to chew from time to time. You don’t want to make a habit out of it, but it is nice to give a little bit to your bird here and there.

They will enjoy it a lot.

Here is a look at some of the benefits of giving tissue paper to birds and why they love it so much.

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Reasons Birds Love Tissue Paper

1. Harmless Fun

It comes down to being entertained.

Birds like tissue paper because it is easy to tear into and chew. This is just a natural thing they love doing and it can help the bird pass time.

If you want the bird to have a bit of fun, why not give tissue paper to them? It simply works well and they will love it.

This type of harmless fun is a lot better than giving something dangerous to your bird to eat. Tissue paper is safe for birds and that is why you can put it in front of them without apprehension.

Experts Say...
Birds often get amused by tissue paper and will take a bite for fun. This can help soothe the bird’s mind and keep it entertained for a while.

If your bird is getting bored, just tear a small tissue paper and give it to them. They will spend time with it, chew, and just have a blast.

This is why a lot of people continue to keep tissue papers at home for birds. These tissue papers are easy to find, inexpensive, and are not going to harm the bird in small amounts.

is tissue paper safe for birds

2. Easy to Chew

Giving tissue paper to birds comes down to how easy it is for the bird to digest it.

You don’t want to give a stack of tissues to a bird because it can become dangerous. Too much of anything is dangerous and that doesn’t change with tissue paper.

You will want to give a little bit, so the bird can chew to its heart’s content.

Tissue paper quickly melts in a bird’s mouth making it easy to chew on. A little amount will do no harm to the bird.

You will be surprised but birds don’t need a lot to have fun. They will be quite entertained by a small bit of tissue paper.

The bird is going to tear into it and start chewing because of how it feels in its mouth. This is what appeals to the bird.

is tissue paper safe for birds

3. Unique Texture

The texture of tissue paper is hard to ignore for birds.

They like how it is thin and easy to rip. By tearing it, this kickstarts their natural instinct as a bird when they are finding food.

It is just a little boost that is great for birds to enjoy when they are indoors or looking to be entertained. This is what draws birds to tissue paper in the first place.

The texture will appeal to the bird as soon as it takes hold of a tissue.

Related Questions

1. What Paper Is Safe For Birds?

Most kinds of paper are safe for birds and can be placed inside the birdcage. It is best to avoid ink-filled papers because the ink can be dangerous. Modern newspapers don’t include lead in their ink and can still be safe for birds depending on the source.

2. Can You Use Tissue Paper For Bird Toys?

Yes, you can use tissue paper for bird toys. Birds don’t mind paper and will be entertained by it in their birdcage. Some bird owners use colorful paper to gain the bird’s attention as it keeps the bird entertained for a while.

Final Thoughts

Is tissue paper safe for birds?

Tissue paper is safe for birds and can be placed in their birdcage. Many birds will take the time to play with the tissue, chew on it, and have a good time. This is harmless fun and is not dangerous for birds.

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