Why Does My Bird Turn His Back To Me? (Explained!)

A bird’s physical stance can often shine a light on its thoughts.

This is something bird owners should always focus on when it comes to observing birds and paying attention to their mannerisms.

It’s best to understand what a bird is doing and then anticipating its next actions. This can often make it easier to care for a bird whether it is in the wild or indoors as a pet.

A common question that does arise is, why does my bird turn his back to me?

Birds will often turn their back to you when avoiding you or a particular activity (i.e. eating, playing). It is a common sign of anger or frustration.

If your bird is doing this, it’s best to find a way to gain the bird’s trust. This can include using something it likes such as a treat.

Here is a look at some of the reasons why a bird may turn its back to you.

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Reasons Birds Turn Their Back To You

1. Angry

A bird can turn its back to you because it’s angry.

The anger can stem from anything including not liking your scent, behavior, and/or overall presence. Each bird is unique and its reasons for being angry will also vary depending on the situation.

It’s important to understand this when it comes to analyzing a bird’s behavior and overall disposition.

A bird that is angry won’t always squawk or make loud noises. This is common but it is not the only way a bird is going to react when it is unhappy.

Instead, there are some birds that will turn their back to you as a sign of frustration. This will show they don’t even want to look at you.

Experts Say...
Studies show birds will often show displays of anger by turning their back to you. It’s a physical gesture showing frustration and/or anger at you or a particular activity.

In the bird’s eyes, you are not someone they want to be around and they will refuse to look at you at all.

This is behavior that is often seen in older birds because they don’t have the willingness to start squawking loudly or trying to make noise. Instead, they will simply give you the cold shoulder in response.

When this happens, you should take the time to calm the bird down.

This can be done in several ways and it is often best to start with a small treat to win them over. Some birds will respond well to this.

why does my bird turn his back to me

2. Avoiding an Activity

Let’s assume you are thinking about putting a new toy in the birdcage.

If this happens, a bird might not like the new toy. There are some birds that are just going to hit the toy away while there are others that are going to stop looking at it entirely.

These are the birds that turn their back to the item or activity.

In their head, the moment they look away, the problem is going to disappear as well. It is a clear sign they are not interested in the activity or item.

Birds attempt to turn their back when they don’t want to do something such as playing with a toy or eating a specific food.

As a bird owner, you should look for these actions.

It can shed light on what your bird likes or dislikes for future decisions.

why does my bird turn his back to me

3. Confused

The last reason can be simple confusion.

A bird that is being stimulated with something new such as a specific sound or odor might not like it. This can cause the bird to get frustrated or confused because of the environmental change in its cage or room.

When this happens, it is best to give the bird a bit of space. This will go a long way in helping the bird relax.

Related Questions

1. Why Did My Bird Turn Mean?

A bird can turn mean when it doesn’t want to be handled, doesn’t like a specific odor, or isn’t a fan of a specific activity you want it to do. This can cause the bird to squawk, bite, or simply turn its back to you.

2. Why Does My Bird Keep Coming To Me?

Birds keep coming to you because they are lonely and want to be around you. In some cases, a bird will get bonded to you and they will want to spend as much time with you as possible.

Final Thoughts

Why does my bird turn his back to me?

Birds can turn their back to you out of anger or frustration. They do this as a way to let you know they are unhappy and don’t want to have you around them at that moment. This can vary depending on what the reason is.

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