Do Birds Spit? (Solved!)

Birds are often associated with using their beaks to bite, move things along, and control items in their vicinity. However, is this the only option available to them when it comes to using their mouth?

A common topic that comes up is whether or not birds have saliva. You may even ask, do birds spit?

Birds do spit and will often use their saliva to digest food or build nests. Their saliva helps form compact walls for the nest ensuring it doesn’t fall apart.

While birds do spit, it is not as common for them to spit on other animals including humans. Most birds will use their saliva for specific purposes, which can include building a nest for their young.

Here is a look at some of the reasons birds spit.

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Reasons Birds Spit

1. Building Nests

One of the ways birds use spit is to build their nest.

Most people will assume birds fly around, pick branches/leaves, and then pack them together. However, you also have to take a look at how they pack these items into one solid nest.

The solution that is used is bird spit.

The bird will develop a thick fluid and then spit it onto the natural elements. This creates a more robust, stickier solution that holds the elements together as soon as the nest begins to take shape.

The reason birds use spit has to do with making sure the nest lasts. They don’t want to have baby birds sitting inside the nest and then having it fall apart on them.

This is a real concern because of how natural conditions can impact the nest as it begins to age.

Experts Say...
Birds use spit to help hold the inside of a nest and make sure all of the natural elements blend together to avoid having it break on them.

When the spit is in place, it ensures the nest continues to look the way it needs to. This alone is one of the main reasons birds use spit to build nests.

They will grab all of the natural elements in their environment and then begin to put them together one by one. This is the only way to ensure the nest doesn’t break down and continues to look the part.

The babies will also continue to get heavier, so mother birds will often rework the nest using their spit as well. This helps create a formidable nest that isn’t going to let the mother bird down as soon as their young are born.

do birds spit

2. Digesting Food

Saliva is a part of the digestive system for birds.

When a bird chomps into something whether it’s seeds, fruits, or meat, it is important for them to moisten the meal beforehand. This is the only way their digestive system is going to have a chance of digesting it safely.

If not, it is possible the bird will end up regurgitating the food and that is a very uncomfortable process to deal with.

Birds use saliva as a way to moisten food before swallowing it. This is similar to what humans do with their saliva.

As soon as the bird’s food is moist, it will swallow it.

This is one of the main purposes of bird spit and why it matters over the long term. A bird is going to need it to stay healthy and digest food safely.

do birds spit

3. Cleaning the Mouth

The mouth tends to develop bad bacteria after a while.

Remember, birds are eating all sorts of food in the wild and not all of it is going to be safe to consume. This can lead to a situation where the bird’s oral cavity is not safe and may lead to additional harm if left untouched.

This is why birds have a natural cleansing system in the form of bird spit.

The spit will help cleanse out some of this bacteria and make sure the mouth is as clean as it needs to be.

Related Questions

1. Do Birds Make Spit?

Yes, birds can make spit and will often use their saliva to build nests and/or break down food. It’s a naturally occurring fluid that is a part of their digestive system.

2. Can Birds Spit On Humans?

It is rare for birds to spit on humans but it is possible. Birds will commonly use their saliva to digest food or build nests by binding the materials together using their spit.

Final Thoughts

Do birds spit?

Yes, birds do spit and will often do this when building nests or eating food. The saliva is naturally produced and turns into a thick fluid when it is spat onto branches/leaves to bind them together.

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