Do Birds Eat Fleas? (Answered!)

Fleas are noticeable in the warmer months and tend to be everywhere. Whether it is in the woods or a residential area, fleas are a common part of life.

This is why a lot of bird owners will wonder, do birds eat fleas?

Birds do eat fleas but it is usually restricted to convenience. Birds that eat from the grass (i.e. robins, starlings, and grackles) are more than happy to pick fleas out of the grass when given the chance to do so.

If the fleas are not accessible, birds will look for other insects in the soil or on a tree. It is easier for them to do this as it is more efficient.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons birds eat fleas and why it is a part of their diet when convenient.

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Reasons Birds Eat Fleas

1. Easy to Pick Out of the Grass

Birds are opportunists.

They will want to find food that is easy to eat and isn’t going to take a lot of effort to collect. Birds hope to find meals that are easy to consume and are not going to get in the way of their daily routine.

This is why more and more birds prefer to stay close to the ground as they are picking worms or insects. This is why a lot of people wonder about birds eating fleas because they are also found on the ground.

The average bird will look to find insects in the grass.

They will slowly scan the grass, notice the fleas, and pick out a couple. This is easy for the bird and that is why they prefer to eat fleas when it is easy.

Experts Say...
Birds will often scan the grass looking for insects and this can include fleas if they are within reach.

Birds that don’t settle on the ground might not care for fleas.

They can eat the fleas but still won’t pursue them as much as other birds would. This is something to take into account when assessing what birds like to eat and how much they eat.

This is an essential detail to think about when it comes to birds eating the right amount and making sure they are enjoying what they are consuming. Fleas are a good addition to a bird’s diet and simple for them to consume.

do birds eat fleas

2. Good Source of Iron

Nutrients are going to play a role in what a bird eats.

Birds like to eat fleas because they are good sources of protein and iron. While it is common for birds to pick out berries and/or other fruits, it is also common for birds to look for insects that are on the ground.

This is why fleas are a good source of iron for birds.

Birds do require iron during the day and a couple of fleas can help increase their iron intake quickly making them a good meal.

Birds that consume a lot of fleas are going to feel fresher and fuller.

This is due to getting additional calories from eating the fleas and enjoying the nutrients that come along with the meal.

These are beneficial for those who want to eat the right way.

do birds eat fleas

3. Easy to Consume

Birds like to eat fleas because they are not time-consuming to digest.

It’s important to remember, birds have to take flight as soon as they are done eating. They are in the air for significant periods and want to make sure they are able to get to where they want to be without getting bogged down.

This is why birds like to eat fleas.

These are lightweight meals that are not going to bother them as soon as they start flying or moving around.

This is essential when it comes to giving fleas to a bird or even feeding fleas to birds in the garden. You will have the ability to let the birds loose in the area without worrying about them getting sick from eating fleas.

This alone is a powerful advantage of birds eating fleas.

Related Questions

1. Can Birds Catch Fleas?

Yes, birds can catch fleas and will often wait for them to settle on a blade of grass before swooping in for a quick meal. This allows them to catch up to the flea and grab onto it for a simple meal.

2. Do Garden Birds Have Fleas?

Garden birds do have fleas that go by the name of “Ceratophyllus gallinae” and are common in most types of birds.

Final Thoughts

Do birds eat fleas?

Birds do eat fleas and are more than happy to hunt for them out of the grass. Fleas provide a good source of protein, iron, and other key nutrients that are good for a bird to consume in its daily diet.

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