What Are Birds Afraid Of? (Solved!)

Birds are resilient animals and will often “tough” it out in the wild.

This is common across all types of birds and that is what ensures they continue to thrive in different environments. However, this doesn’t mean birds aren’t scared of things in their setting.

You will want to start by asking, what are birds afraid of?

Birds are afraid of loud noises, predators, bees, the dark, strong scents, shiny objects, and/or anything that is different from what they are used to.

It’s common for birds to have anxiety with these things around them. It is a natural instinct that is hard to train out of birds.

They will not want to be around predators and that makes sense. However, they will also not want to be around loud noises and/or shiny objects because those are also seen as potential threats.

Here is a look at the main things birds are afraid of based on modern research into the subject.

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Things Birds Are Afraid Of

1. Predators

Let’s start with the obvious one.

Birds are afraid of predators and that’s to be expected. An animal that can threaten its life is always going to be at the top of the list when it comes to fears.

Birds have a natural instinct to spot these predators and fly away from them. They do not want to be in the same area as a predator and will do their best to remain clear of that animal.

This is why most birds take their time adapting to houses with potential predators as pets. This is something that has to be trained out of them and it takes time.

Experts Say...
Birds will have a distinct response to potential predators and will often flee as soon as they hear or see the presence of a predator. This is common in all types of birds as that is how nature works.

Birds do not respond well to predators and that is normal.

It can cause the bird to become anxious, freeze, and/or not want to be in the same area. There can be whimpering involved as well and that is why it’s essential not to put a bird in a place with other predators.

They will not like the idea and it is their biggest fear.

You can end up with a bird that is scared of everything and it starts to reflect in its overall personality. It is best to protect the bird from predators and make sure they don’t see them walking around all the time.

what are birds afraid of

2. Bees

This is a unique one and it is often seen with garden birds.

Bees can be aggressive towards birds and that causes them to have a natural desire to stay away. Birds don’t want to get stung and will avoid places where bees are present.

Experts believe bees are a common fear for birds.

Studies show bird feeders with a bee nest around them will not see as many birds come for feedings. Birds do not want to be around bees at all.

This is a key detail to think about when it comes to bees and birds.

If you put a bird feeder out in the garden with a beehive, it is not going to lead to a positive response from birds. Some bees are quite aggressive when it comes to bird feeders and that can lead to issues.

For the bees, they see birds as a potential threat. This is why they don’t like having birds swoop around in the area.

what are birds afraid of

3. Loud Noises

Birds don’t like loud noises.

This is often seen with pet birds because it will startle them. You don’t want to have loud noises inside the house when pet birds are also present.

This can include cranking the TV’s volume, banging pots, or just making a lot of noise. Birds will get startled and not respond well at all.

Related Questions

1. What Will Scare Birds Away?

Birds can get scared away by loud noises, predators, shiny objects, strong scents, bees, and noticeable changes to their environment.

2. Why Are Birds Afraid?

Birds are afraid because it’s a natural instinct. It’s a safety mechanism that’s ingrained in a bird’s DNA to ensure it remains safe from predators lurking around. It ensures they have a quick reaction to these threats without becoming sitting ducks.

Final Thoughts

What are birds afraid of?

Birds are afraid of many things including bees, loud noises, predators, strong odors, and/or any changes to their environment.

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