Do Birds Play Fight? (Explained!)

Birds are known for being energetic animals with the ability to fly.

They will soar through the skies to different spots, hunt for food, and enjoy their time in the setting. However, it can also lead to situations where they might get bored or don’t know what to do with their time.

This is when you might notice birds fighting it out between each other. You may even ask, do birds play fight?

Birds do play fight and it often involves nipping at a bird’s wings and/or feet. The idea is to pass time, test their strength, and build survival skills.

Birds prefer to do this with members of their flock because it is good practice. Doing it in the wild with an unknown bird might lead to serious injury. This is why birds are particular about how they fight or play fight.

Here is a look at some of the reasons birds play fight in the wild.

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Reasons Birds Play Fight

1. Learn Survival Skills

It is essential for birds to start learning how to survive in the wild from a young age.

There are predators lurking everywhere and this can include larger birds. If the bird isn’t capable of defending itself, the chances of getting hurt go through the roof.

This is why most birds will play fight from time to time.

The goal is to start learning how to defend themselves from a foe that won’t hurt them. This is good practice and tends to work well as the bird begins to naturally develop its skillset.

A lot of birds will take what they learn from these fights and adapt along the way. This allows them to nip away and improve their reaction time when it is time to go up against a real predator.

Experts Say...
Birds need to learn how to survive from a young age and they will work on their skills with members of the flock. It ensures their adjustment is easier.

It is important to remember, birds don’t just aim to defend themselves from predators in the wild.

It’s also important to keep other birds away from their territory and/or food resources. This is why most birds do want to have the ability to defend themselves and their assets outdoors.

To do this, they will play fight with other birds to improve their ability under duress.

do birds play fight

2. Boredom

There are many reasons for birds play fighting but sometimes it comes down to nothing more than boredom.

Yes, boredom can be the cause for birds fighting amongst themselves.

Sometimes, this fighting is real and other times it is nothing more than play fighting. It depends on the situation and how the birds are feeling at the time. For the most part, it will be a set of birds play fighting with each other out of sheer boredom.

Birds will often nip at each other and groom when they are bored. It can include play fighting from time to time.

A bird that is bored will want to pass the time.

This can happen in several ways and each bird is going to adjust to the situation differently. Some will want to eat food, others will fly around for pleasure, while others are going to pick a partner to start play fighting.

This tends to be nothing more than a little bit of nipping as they work on their skills.

do birds play fight

3. Testing Strength

This is not as common but it can be a reason for birds to start to play fighting in the wild.

The idea is the birds will want to see whether or not they are dominant in the flock. This can lead to situations where they will want to see how strong they are relative to their peers.

It is also a good way to test their abilities without having the pressure of getting seriously hurt.

This is a common reason for birds wanting to play fight with each other.

Related Questions

1. Are My Birds Fighting Or Playing?

Birds that are fighting will often hiss, raise their wings, and attack to injure. On the other hand, birds that are play fighting will only nip a little bit near the wings and feet without going past this level of aggression.

2. Do Birds Fight Each Other?

Birds do fight each other for a long list of reasons including territorial disputes, fighting over a mate, or protecting food sources. Each situation is unique but can lead to aggression from a bird with the intent to hurt or scare.

Final Thoughts

Do birds play fight?

Birds do play fight and this can include nipping at the other bird’s wings and/or feet. The premise behind birds play fighting is more about testing their skills, learning how to survive in the wild, and passing the time.

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