Do Birds Use Human Hair For Nests? (Solved!)

Birds will often scan their environment looking for robust nesting materials. These materials can include a wide array of things such as branches, leaves, and/or anything else that will keep their young safe.

While doing this, it is possible for birds to come across human hairs. This leads to asking, do birds use human hair for nests?

Birds do not use human hair for nests because it’s thin, brittle, and cuts easily. Birds prefer to use nesting materials such as branches, leaves, moss, and bark strips.

Most birds will ignore human hair when it is time to create a new nest.

This material is not something that will be easy to manipulate as they begin to shape the nest. As a result, it is something they are going to avoid while finding nesting materials in their environment.

Here is a look at why human hair is bad for bird nests.

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Reasons Birds Don’t Use Human Hair For Nests

1. Too Brittle

The main concern with using human hair for bird nests has to do with it being brittle.

The hair isn’t going to hold up whether it has to do with the initial setup or how long it lasts once the nest is put together.

Birds prefer to go with nesting materials that are coarse and are not going to break easily. This is not the case with human hair as even a little pull will cause it to snap in half. Most birds will look to avoid using human hair when it is time to build a nest.

In a lot of cases, birds will also ignore human hair because it is not sizable. This means it will not cover enough space and you require a lot of hair for it to turn into useful nesting material.

Experts Say...
Birds prefer going with thicker, easy to use materials that can create the perfect nest for their young. Human hair is too brittle to pass the test.

Since birds do not have access to that much hair, they will look towards other nesting materials including bark strips or dry leaves.

The goal is to build a nest with minimal effort to conserve energy.

This is why birds will look at other materials that offer more value for the effort being put in.

do birds use human hair for nests

2. Difficult to Use

Human hairs are not good for bird nests because they are difficult to use.

If you take a look at the average human hair, it will be difficult to manipulate. Just turning it in your hands will indicate how challenging human hair can be when you want to create a nest.

This is the same logic that is used by birds. They don’t want to use a material such as this for the nest.

Birds prefer materials that are more robust and will do well in a myriad of conditions without breaking down. This is why human hair is not useful.

It is challenging to use and causes serious grief when it comes to keeping the nest together.

This is why most birds will look to use other materials that are safer and do not put stress on the nest.

Birds will look around their environment for natural materials that are known for being thick. These are the materials that end up creating a resourceful nest that is perfect for the young.

do birds use human hair for nests

3. Cuts Easily

Human hair cuts easily and this makes it a bad choice for nests.

Using human hair for a nest means exposing it to all types of conditions. This includes having the baby birds sitting inside the nest as soon as they are born.

This can lead to situations where they nip at the nest and eventually ruin it due to the hair. As a result, mother birds will look for stronger nesting materials that will handle this type of wear and tear.

Anything else is just not going to cut it.

Related Questions

1. What Materials Are Good For Bird Nests?

Materials such as dry leaves, bark strips, feathers, dead twigs, moss, and plant fluff are commonly good for bird nests.

2. Do Birds Need Nesting Material In Winter?

Birds do need nesting material in the winter and will prefer to go with something warmer. This helps insulate the nest and provides additional protection.

Final Thoughts

Do birds use human hair for nests?

Birds do not use human hair for nests because it’s weak, brittle, and difficult to manipulate while building a nest. They prefer other nesting materials including dead leaves, dead twigs, bark strips, and moss.

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