Do Birds Eat Tent Caterpillars? (Answered!)

Birds are known for eating insects and will do so when given the opportunity. This is common in species that are always on the lookout for fresh insects.

This is often seen in a wide array of birds and it happens in different settings.

This is why you may wonder, do birds eat tent caterpillars?

Some birds do eat tent caterpillars while regurgitating the prickly hairs. Birds such as the black-billed cuckoo will commonly consume tent caterpillars for nutrients and calories.

Other birds will avoid tent caterpillars because they can’t regurgitate the hairs. However, most will attempt to take a bite and might even digest the tent caterpillar.

Here is more on why birds like to eat tent caterpillars.

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Reasons Birds Eat Tent Caterpillars

1. High in Protein

The most important factor for a bird is food-related value.

This includes being able to eat protein if the bird consumes any type of meat (i.e. insects). If the bird does eat insects then it will want something that’s high in protein. This is why birds eat tent caterpillars.

Tent caterpillars are high in protein and will offer good value to birds that need nutrients. Not only is it good for protein but also fiber. This keeps the bird’s metabolism running in high gear and that’s a positive.

Experts Say...
Birds often eat foods that are high in protein and that includes tent caterpillars. This insect is jam-packed with key nutrients and is a good superfood for birds.

Being able to consume a lot of protein during the day goes a long way in keeping the bird healthy. This includes knowing the insect is going to fill the bird up and allow it to focus on survival.

This is essential in many environments and that is why birds will look for easy finds such as a tent caterpillar.

They can spot the tent caterpillar from far away especially during the breeding season. This is why they are often targeted by birds that can eat them.

Do birds eat tent caterpillars

2. Can Regurgitate Prickly Hairs

A lot of animals will avoid tent caterpillars because of their prickly hairs. These hairs tend to hurt as soon as they are in the mouth and will leave an irritating sensation inside the digestive system that’s difficult to shake off.

However, does this mean birds don’t eat tent caterpillars? No, birds are more than happy to consume tent caterpillars.

The reason has to do with being able to naturally regurgitate parts of the insect. This includes the hairs on the caterpillar’s body.

Some birds have the ability to regurgitate elements of a food and this include the prickly hairs of a tent caterpillar making them easier to digest.

Since birds are able to do this, they don’t mind eating the caterpillar. It is an easy meal for them and it is an insect that is often ignored by other animals.

This allows birds to have free rein on consuming these insects if their digestive system can keep up.

It is common for birds to grab the tent caterpillar, chew, and then regurgitate the irritating hairs. It’s a simple digestive process that keeps the bird full.

Do birds eat tent caterpillars

3. Easy to Find in Breeding Season

Tent caterpillars have a time during the year when they are breeding. This is when the environment is going to have a sudden boon of tent caterpillars that spread from one end to the other.

When this takes place, it is common for birds to wait around for easy meals.

Birds will start to prioritize eating tent caterpillars during these moments because they are easier to find. It makes eating a simpler task for birds and they will be more than happy to take a bite.

It is important to note animals are resourceful and efficient.

This is why targeting tent caterpillars in their breeding season is a must. It simplifies finding food and keeps them out of harm’s way.

Related Questions

1. What Are Natural Predators Of Tent Caterpillars?

Natural predators of tent caterpillars include blue jays, cardinals, wild turkeys, robins, and blackbirds. It is also common for ducks and fish to eat tent caterpillars along the water.

2. What Are Tent Caterpillars Good For?

Tent caterpillars are good for defoliating branches and acting as a healthy food source for wildlife in the area. This makes them an integral part of the food chain in a functional ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

Do birds eat tent caterpillars?

Birds do eat tent caterpillars and will often regurgitate the prickly hairs after digesting the insect. This is common behavior during breeding season as a boon of caterpillars comes out making them easy pickings for birds such as robins or blue jays.

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