Where Do Baby Birds Go When They Leave The Nest? (Explained!)

Baby birds spend a certain amount of time in the nest before venturing out. Some will fall out while others get strong enough to fly away.

However, this does may you wonder, where do baby birds go when they leave the nest?

Baby birds will stay nearby when they leave the nest. This provides them with access to their parents for food as their initial months can be challenging. After this, they will expand their horizon and move further away depending on the conditions around them.

It’s common for mother birds to keep feeding their fledglings for months after they leave the nest. This tends to happen on the ground depending on the type of bird.

It’s best to pay attention to baby birds because they will often be exposed to the elements. They are still developing and leaving the nest too early can lead to serious health concerns along with the idea of being hunted by predators.

This article will take a look at where a baby bird goes after leaving the nest.

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Places Baby Birds Go After Leaving The Nest

1. Nearby Tree

Baby birds that leave the nest won’t travel far.

They might not have the ability or strength to fly far anyway. The reason has to do with developing the ability to fly longer distances by working on those muscles as they grow older.

Most birds will struggle with this early on and that’s normal. It happens in most types of baby birds and it is something to accept. As a result, mother birds might continue to feed their babies even after they leave the nest.

Otherwise, the baby bird is going to want to stay nearby to make sure their mother is in the area.

Experts Say...
Birds will prefer to stay nearby and most will not move past 200-300 meters from their mother or where they grew up.

The reason for doing this is to ensure they have the best possible chance of surviving the elements.

This becomes doubly important in harsher conditions when it is cold outside or storms are commonplace. In places such as this, birds will want to stay in the nest longer and will also avoid exposing themselves to the elements all alone.

This is why they prefer to stay within 200 meters from their mother or where their nest was.

where do baby birds go when they leave the nest

2. Different Hiding Spot

It’s important to think about a bird’s hiding spot.

Baby birds are going to be weak and they might not have the ability to fend off a predator. This means when a bird leaves its mother’s nest, it will want to find a safe spot before doing anything else.

Some might try to find food if they are hungry but most will prefer to hide.

Most birds will seek a hiding spot as soon as they leave the nest to make sure they are safe from predators.

This is a natural reaction to the elements around them.

They want a safe spot as a baby bird to make sure they don’t end up as dinner for another animal. This is an organic reaction to the situation and something you will see with all types of baby birds.

where do baby birds go when they leave the nest

3. Ground

This is not always common in older birds but can happen if the baby bird’s departure from the nest is premature.

This can happen based on environmental conditions and/or potential predators. If there is any type of damage to the nest, it’s possible the baby bird is going to be left on the ground as it can’t fly.

It becomes important to make sure the mother bird is around in these types of cases. They will need food and protection even if they are not in a nest.

Related Questions

1. Do Baby Birds Stay With Parents After Leaving Nest?

Baby birds do not stay with their parents after leaving the nest. They will usually learn how to find food during their early days and use these skills to stay safe. In some cases, it’s possible mother birds will feed their babies for a week or two if their departure was premature.

2. Where Do Fledglings Go When They Leave The Nest?

Fledglings will leave the nest after 2-3 weeks. The coming month tends to be a vulnerable period for these baby birds and they do get exposed to the elements. They are not strong enough to fend off predators or fly away. In some cases, fledglings continue to be fed by their parents.

Final Thoughts

Where do baby birds go when they leave the nest?

Baby birds tend to stay within the area after leaving the nest. They prefer to stay close to their mother and/or where their original nest was. They also seek a safe hiding spot in the area to make sure they are protected from potential predators.

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