Where Do Birds Go When The Wind Blows? (Explained!)

Windy days are common when it comes to certain places. It’s one thing for the wind to be gentle and another for there to be hurricane-force winds that are rushing through the area with vigor.

Due to this, it becomes important to see how birds react to the wind. You may even ask, where do birds go when the wind blows?

Birds tend to find shelter when the wind blows. This can include a nest, hidden crook, and/or any other shelter that keeps them out of harm’s way. The goal is to wait out the wind before continuing with their flight.

The average bird will not survive if it stays out on a windy day. It can zap their energy and make them easier prey for potential predators that are lurking nearby.

This is why most birds will find microhabitats to settle into on a windy day.

Here are some of the places a bird will hide on a windy day.

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Places Birds Hide On A Windy Day

1. Hidden Nook

This is the first place most birds go when it is time to hide on a windy day.

Birds that don’t like the wind will want to make sure they are not impacted by it. This means taking the time to find a hidden nook that is out of the wind and is going to allow them to stay safe from predators.

These are the two requirements the average bird is going to have on a windy day.

Experts Say...
Birds will often find hidden crooks in manmade structures as a way to stay out of the wind to the best of their ability. These hidden nooks and crannies can be found anywhere in modern cities/towns.

It is common for birds to hide in gaps within buildings as a way to stay out of the wind. This tends to depend on the structure and how it is shaped when it comes to potential gaps.

Birds just look for places that are going to keep them out of harm’s way. This is why those little nooks and crannies tend to go a long way in hiding birds on a windy day.

Most birds will hide in these places whether it’s windy, rainy, and/or snowy.

 Where do birds go when the wind blows

2. High Up In The Trees

Birds are often associated with trees and there is a reason for it.

Birds will look to seek shelter in trees if there are no buildings around. It generally depends on the layout of their environment as birds in urban settings will be different from those in rural settings.

In general, it is common for birds to hide in trees when it is windy.

Birds will often look for shelter in the form of a tree and tend to tuck themselves into the tree until the wind dies down.

This is a natural instinct the bird is going to have as soon as it is born.

Trees are good for birds because they stay out of harm’s way at all times. Other predators are not going to come all the way up to the tree and that makes it easier for them to stay safe until the wind dies down.

This alone is one of the reasons most birds tend to stay in trees for as long as they can.

 Where do birds go when the wind blows

3. Along The Ground

This is not as common.

A bird will hide along the ground when it doesn’t have other options. This is also possible if they have been storing food along the ground based on where they are situated.

Even when a bird is hiding along the ground, it will want to find a little nook that is hidden away. This is to ensure ground animals don’t get to them.

For the most part, birds that hide along the ground in the wind do it temporarily. This is not a permanent decision that extends past a few hours.

Related Questions

1. How Do Birds Survive High Winds?

Birds survive high winds by hiding in spots such as nooks, trees, and/or any other spot that is out of the wind.

2. Do Birds Get Blown Away?

Birds can get blown away depending upon the velocity of the wind. Birds will often react to a windy day or storm by hiding in a tree or a nook.

Final Thoughts

Where do birds go when the wind blows?

Birds will tend to go to a hiding spot when the wind blows. These hiding spots can include trees, gaps in buildings, and/or small nooks along the ground that are hidden away. The goal is to stay out of the wind.

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