Can Birds Eat Instant Oatmeal? (Solved!)

Instant oatmeal is a classic when it comes to breakfast.

It’s something most people will have from time to time. However, you will often wonder whether or not instant oatmeal is good for pets. This includes wondering, can birds eat instant oatmeal?

Birds can eat oatmeal and will have no trouble biting through the oats. In fact, many birdseed mixes will also include oats as they are good for birds to consume.

It’s important to note, the instant oatmeal for birds has to be safe to eat. This means it shouldn’t have unwanted additives and/or ingredients that are going to be dangerous for birds to consume in large quantities.

This is why you don’t want to go with overly sugary oatmeal. It is not going to be good for the bird over the long haul.

Here are the benefits of instant oatmeal for birds and why they will want to eat it.

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Benefits of Instant Oatmeal for Birds

1. Easy to Break With Beak

The first thing to look for is how easily the bird can digest the oatmeal.

This is one of the most important things you can focus on. You don’t want to give birds oatmeal and then realize it can’t bite through the oats.

This is not going to be a concern because birds have strong beaks. They are able to power through some of the hardest seeds in the world as they can grind their beak left to right with vigor.

In a situation such as this, you can give birds uncooked oats or instant oatmeal without having to worry. The bird is going to easily eat the instant oatmeal and is going to enjoy the taste too.

Experts Say...
Birds shouldn’t swallow food whole, which is why breaking oats down with their beak is a breeze. This is what makes it a joy for them to eat

When giving instant oatmeal to a bird, you will also want to account for what happens when the oatmeal is consumed.

It’s one thing to break it with the beak and another for it to go through the digestive system. In this case, birds will have no problem digesting the oatmeal and will enjoy the taste too.

This means you can give it a little bit to eat as long as the instant oatmeal is not filled with sugar. This is when you will want to look for a better option that is going to have the benefits of instant oatmeal without the preservatives or additives.

can birds eat instant oatmeal

2. Natural Part of a Bird’s Diet

You will have to look at what is going into the bird’s body as soon as it eats instant oatmeal.

In general, the bird is going to be eating instant oatmeal that is filled with natural oats. These oats are going to be something the bird is used to eat and will not hesitate to put into its mouth when given the chance to do so.

This alone is a major benefit of instant oatmeal for birds.

Birds will happily eat oats and it can be seen in their birdseed mixes from time to time. This illustrates how good it can be for the average bird to consume.

If you want to give instant oatmeal to a bird, this is one detail that is going to matter a lot. You don’t want a situation where the bird falls ill and/or doesn’t retain nutritional value from its meal.

In this case, the meal will be perfect and you are going to have an extra option up your sleeve as a bird owner to give to your pet.

can birds eat instant oatmeal

3. High in Fiber

Fiber is good for birds and can make it easier for them to maintain a high metabolic rate.

Birds tend to burn a lot of calories as they are moving around but it is still important to keep their digestive system in working condition. This becomes more of a hassle when you have pet birds that don’t get to fly around as much as they need to.

As a result, high-fiber food such as this might be a good addition to their dietary intake.

Related Questions

1. Can You Give Oats To Birds?

Yes, you can give oats to birds as they are good for their health. Oats are high in fiber and will improve a bird’s metabolic rate while providing the necessary calories it needs to survive.

2. How Do You Make Bird Food With Oats?

The best way to make bird food with oats is to take the uncooked oats and place them in an accessible bowl. This will be enough for the bird to eat the oats and enjoy their nutritional content.

Final Thoughts

Can birds eat instant oatmeal?

Instant oatmeal is good for birds and will offer tremendous value as soon as the bird consumes it. This includes an uptick in fiber, vitamins, and calories making it a healthier animal. When giving instant oatmeal to a bird, it’s important to avoid choosing variations that are filled with sugar and/or preservatives.

As long as you follow this, you are going to have a happy bird on your hands.

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