Can Birds Eat Diatomaceous Earth? (Solved!)

Diatomaceous earth is composed of fossilized diatoms (aquatic organisms). These diatoms have skeletons that are composed of a substance called silica. This can begin to accumulate along the shore of rivers, streams, oceans, or lakes.

Due to this diatomaceous earth is used for various purposes and is commonly seen being mined around these water bodies.

While it is safe for humans to be around, you will want to ask, can birds eat diatomaceous earth?

Birds can eat diatomaceous earth and will not be affected by its composition. Diatoms found in the earth are not going to impact the bird in any way, shape, or form.

When diatomaceous earth is within a bird’s setting, it will not be repelled by it. Most are not going to notice it and will be more than happy to eat from it.

Here is more on the impact diatomaceous earth can have on birds whether it’s good or not.

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Impact of Diatomaceous Earth On Birds

1. Can Be Eaten

The main thing to look at is whether or not birds can eat diatomaceous earth.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with a bird going up to it and taking a bite. A lot of birds will do this as they are hunting for nuts, worms, and/or anything else that is in the area.

When this happens, it is possible the bird is going to get diatomaceous earth in its beak too. When this occurs, the bird is not going to be in danger of eating parasites or toxins that could do real damage to its health.

Instead, there is nothing wrong with the bird taking a bite and enjoying its meal. The bird’s digestive system is well-equipped to handle diatomaceous earth and will not break down as soon as it has to deal with this element.

Experts Say...
Birds that are going to be nibbling around diatomaceous earth will not have to worry about passing away. It is relatively safe for birds to be around.

You will often notice birds settle along the bed of a lake or ocean. It is something that comes naturally to a variety of bird species.

Is this because they are looking for food? Yes, most are going to be on the hunt for food and that is going to include from diatomaceous earth too.

This is a plus for birds that do look for food in these places. They are not restricted by the earth that is in the area and that goes a long way in keeping them healthy.

can birds eat diatomaceous earth

2. Doesn’t Have Harmful Toxins

It is important to consider whether or not there are toxins in diatomaceous earth.

This is a key detail because it can impact a bird’s health.

Birds can eat diatomaceous earth because it is only going to be made of fossilized diatoms. These skeletons will not impact the bird in any way and are going to be easy to consume during the day.

Other types of soil can be harmful to birds because of additives but this type of earth is not going to cause harm to a bird.

Most birds will take the time to sift through the earth to find what they are looking for. This can include specific types of food.

When this happens, they are going to get a beakful of diatomaceous earth too.

This will not be a problem and they should be able to digest the earth without a fuss. This is what makes it safe and without harmful toxins.

can birds eat diatomaceous earth

3. Good for Killing Insects

Insects are commonly going to be found in specific spots where this type of earth is found. When this occurs, it is important to understand the impact diatomaceous earth has on the surroundings.

In general, this earth has a negative impact on insects and can cause them to die. Of course, it depends on the type of insect that is in the area.

It is common for professionals to use these in areas where the insect population is rising. When this occurs, birds can still eat in the environment without falling ill.

Related Questions

1. Can I Use Diatomaceous Earth On My Parrot?

You can use diatomaceous earth on your parrot. It is safe for parrots and humans. If there is an insect problem involving bedbugs or other types of pests, it’s common to use diatomaceous earth as a repellent.

2. Will Diatomaceous Earth Kill Hummingbirds?

Diatomaceous earth will not kill hummingbirds. It does an excellent job of eradicating insects due to the sharp edges found in the element. This is often used in gardens and/or similar surroundings to ward off pests.

Final Thoughts

Can birds eat diatomaceous earth?

Birds can eat diatomaceous earth as it is 100% safe for them to consume. This element doesn’t have any harmful toxins and is easy to digest.

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