Do Birds Eat Locusts? (Answered!)

Locusts are sizable tropical grasshoppers renowned for traveling long distances through flight. They tend to stay on their own and can often be seen as a part of an animal’s diet.

This can include a wide array of animals including dogs, lizards, and geckos.

However, it is important to ask, do birds eat locusts?

Certain types of birds can eat locusts as they are a good source of protein. These birds can include storks, crows, kites, rosy starling birds, and peafowls. Other birds avoid insects and stick to nuts, seeds, and/or leafy greens.

Birds that do eat locusts will often sit near crops. This is where a locust will spend most of its time and it becomes easy for birds to pick them out one by one.

This article will take a look at the reasons birds eat locusts.

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Benefits of Locusts for Birds

1. High in Protein

Many birds will have a mixed diet.

This means they eat 40-50% insects and the rest is spread between nuts or seeds. This is a common way birds eat and these are the ones that often consume locusts.

Giving locusts to birds can be a good option if they are not getting enough protein in their regular diet. The bird is going to love the taste of the locust and it is going to immediately amplify its protein intake.

This alone is a major advantage when it comes to keeping a bird healthy.

Many birds can eat multiple locusts in one go. This makes it easier for them to get in a sizable amount of protein within minutes. As a result, many birds will often sit around crops where locusts might be hopping around.

It’s a simple strategy for birds to eat locusts without being bothered.

Experts Say...
Certain birds want protein in their diet and insects such as locusts are a good fit.

In the past, it was common for birds to sit around crops and look to protect their food source. This meant they would start nipping away at the locusts that would also want a piece of the food.

As a result, more and more birds started eating the locusts.

This has been passed down through the generations and it is quite possible for birds to eat locusts without missing a beat. They appreciate the increase in protein and it is good for their bodies too.

do birds eat locusts

2. Good Source of Iron

Iron is good for ensuring the immune system functions well, feathers grow, and the body remains in good working condition.

This is why birds that eat locusts get to enjoy a boost in iron.

Locusts are naturally high in iron, which makes them a good way for birds to increase their iron intake.

Birds that require a healthy amount of iron should be taking a look at consuming locusts. This can be a great option for those who would naturally eat locusts such as peafowls or storks.

If a bird eats locusts all the time, it can start to see a serious increase in how much iron it is consuming.

This is why it is beneficial for birds to have a well-rounded diet.

Locusts can be included in a bird’s diet and will offer a long list of advantages. If you are feeding locusts to a bird, it’s best to diversify as much as possible to see those benefits come to life.

do birds eat locusts

3. High in Iodine

Iodine is noted for being good as a nutrient due to its hormone regulation.

Birds can have fluctuating hormones just like humans. This is why eating a good amount of iodine through a natural diet can go a long way for birds.

Birds that eat locusts will often see an increase in how much iodine they are consuming. This is good for their short and long-term health while also providing access to additional nutrients along the way.

This is a nutrient that isn’t easy to find through other natural foods.

As a result, it becomes easier to see the advantages of giving locusts to a bird.

Related Questions

1. What Birds Feed On Locusts?

Birds such as storks, peafowls, robins, crows, starlings, and kites commonly feed on locusts as a part of their diet.

2. Do Birds Eat The 17 Year Locust?

Yes, birds eat the 17 year locust and will commonly seek this type of grasshopper in the wild. This is due to the abundance of locusts in bird-friendly environments making them easy pickings for birds.

Final Thoughts

Do birds eat locusts?

Birds do eat locusts and take advantage of their high protein content. Locusts are also packed with key nutrients such as iodine and iron making them a powerful food source for birds.

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