Why Does My Dog Lay In My Spot On The Bed? (Explained!)

Dogs will often choose spots around the house where they are most comfortable. It can be fascinating to focus on them and what they are doing during the day.

Some dogs will remain in their bed, while others are going to head to yours.

This will leave you wondering, why does my dog lay in my spot on the bed?

Dogs may lay in your spot on the bed because of your scent. They can associate the scent with familiarity, comfort, and warmth. Dogs will often do this with other types of furniture including sofas, chairs, and/or any other item that has your scent.

It’s common for dogs to do this especially when you are not available or in the house.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons a dog will lay on your spot on the bed.

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Reasons A Dog Lays On Your Spot On The Bed

1. Familiar Scent

It’s the scent that is going to attract dogs.

Over time, the dog is going to get used to your scent and they will always want to be around it. Dogs have strong noses and will often rely on picking up these scents as a way to safety. This is going to include pinpointing your scent around the house.

It’s common for dogs to do this whether you are inside or outside the house.

You will see the dog lay on your bed and find the spot with the strongest scent. By doing this, they are going to have a much easier time remaining around your scent even when you aren’t there.

It’s a little thing for humans but it does matter to dogs.

They will move around the house following your scent from time to time. This is why you are going to see them get drawn to places that you visit all the time. This can include your sofa, favorite chair, and/or bed.

In some cases, dogs will rush to you and want to sit in your lap for the same reason. It just comes naturally to them as a pack animal.

They want to be around their family and you are their family at home.

Why does my dog lay in my spot on the bed

2. Warmth

It is the warmth of the spot that can also entice dogs.

They will want to find a warmer spot on the bed that is cozy. This is common because dogs like resting on warmer parts of the furniture whether it is a chair or a bed.

If you recently used the bed then that is why they are moving towards where you were resting.

Dogs will seek warmer spots on the bed and your spot might be slightly warmer if it has recently been used.

It is common for a dog to lay in your spot on the bed when it is cold indoors. This will be their reaction to the colder temperature and they will seek any type of warmth they can find.

In this case, a person that was resting on their bed will see their dog head for the same spot right away.

After a while, the dog is going to know what to wait for. They will automatically head for that part of the bed as soon as you get up!

Why does my dog lay in my spot on the bed

3. Comfort

For most dogs, it is all about comfort.

Your bed is going to have your scent but it is also going to be comfortable. This is why they look for the perfect combination of scent, comfort, and warmth.

In most cases, this is going to be where you tend to sleep on the bed.

Dogs have strong noses and will often associate your scent with comfort. This is why they look to find your spot when it comes to keeping you as cozy as possible.

Dogs love being comfortable.

This is not going to change when it comes to resting on your bed. Dogs will love to find the part of the bed that is comfortable and easy to enjoy.

If it is where you rest then that is where the dog will go.

Related Questions

1. Why Do Dogs Lay Against Me?

Dogs lay against you to remain close to your scent. It’s common for dogs to want to sleep close to their pack including snuggling right up against your body.

2. Should I Pet My Dog While Sleeping?

It’s not recommended to pet your dog while it’s sleeping. This can startle the dog and cause it to bite as a natural response to your touch.

Final Thoughts

Why does my dog lay in my spot on the bed?

Dogs will often lay on your spot in the bed because it’s familiar, warm, and filled with your scent. This is going to create a nice, comfortable spot for the dog to rest in.

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