Can Birds Eat Almonds? (Solved!)

Let’s assume you’re setting up a bird feeder in the garden. Or perhaps, you want to give a little treat to your pet bird?

In a situation such as this, you are going to look through a wide array of food sources. One of those food sources will be nuts.

You will wonder, can birds eat almonds?

Birds can eat almonds and it is a nutritious choice they will enjoy. Almonds are packed with nutrients including vitamin E, manganese, and magnesium making them a wonderful addition to a bird’s diet.

When preparing a bird feeder with almonds, you should look to protect it from squirrels. They are also eager to eat almonds and will be attracted to the food you have put out!

This is a common concern in backyards where bird feeders are not set up high enough or in a place that is accessible to squirrels.

Here is a look at some of the benefits of feeding almonds to birds.

Best Almonds for Birds (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

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Benefits of Almonds for Birds

1. High in Fiber

Fiber is a common requirement for birds.

If a bird is dealing with constipation, this can be a good option to kickstart its system. The reason has to do with the uptick in fiber a bird is going to get from eating almonds.

Feeding almonds to a bird means you are going to be providing it with 3.5 grams of fiber per 20 almonds.

This is a tremendous positive and it is going to help the bird stay healthy. A lot of bird owners don’t mix things up and avoid giving almonds to a bird when that is not the right strategy. Almonds are good for birds and should be a natural part of their diet.

In the wild, a bird would love to access organic almonds because it will benefit them over the short and long haul.

Experts Say...
Birds enjoy almonds and it can also increase their metabolic rate by a substantial amount within days.

It is also important to note almonds also do a good job of strengthening a bird’s digestive system as a whole.

This means the body is going to have more energy and that will make it easier to process other foods the bird is eating during the day.

This is an underrated advantage of giving almonds to a bird. They are going to enjoy the taste but it is also going to improve their overall quality of life too.

Can birds eat almonds

2. Good Source of Calories

You will have to account for the number of calories in almonds.

Birds do require a specific number of calories during the day, which means they will hunt for food until their appetite is under control.

This is where almonds are good for birds.

They are going to have a great time enjoying the calories and it will become easier for the bird to digest food without having to look for additional meals.

Almonds offer 8 calories per almond making them a wonderful option for birds just for the caloric benefit.

Some birds are more than happy to eat a mix of nuts for one of their meals.

They will find almonds and/or other nuts and eat a few to fill themselves. This is easy for them to eat and they get a natural boost of calories that is good for their body.

Can birds eat almonds

3. Good Source of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is important when it comes to improving a bird’s immune system.

The bird is going to need extra energy to fly around and that is where vitamin E shines. It is a well-noted nutrient that is going to matter a lot as the bird ages.

This is why more and more bird owners do lean towards giving almonds to a bird.

It simply has a long list of benefits and one of them is going to include the uptick in vitamin E. Almonds offer a healthy amount of vitamin E, which is not as easy to find in other bird foods.

Related Questions

1. Can You Put Almonds Out For Birds?

Yes, you can put almonds out for birds. They will enjoy this nutritious food because it offers a wide array of nutrients including manganese, vitamin E, and is also a healthy source of fiber.

2. Is It Ok To Feed Birds Nuts?

It is okay to feed birds nuts as long as they are unsalted and/or unflavored. Any additives to the nuts can take away from their intrinsic value as food.

Final Thoughts

Can birds eat almonds?

Birds can eat almonds and 100% organic almonds are a wonderful addition to a bird’s diet. Almonds are high in fiber, protein, and calories making them good for satisfying a hungry bird.

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