Can Dogs Eat Camembert? (Solved!)

Camembert is a white, bloomy cheese that is popular in France. It is a cheese knowing for being slightly soft from the inside leading to a more refined eating experience.

While all of these qualities are true, it’s important to look at it from a dog’s perspective.

Can dogs eat camembert?

Dogs can eat camembert cheese in moderation. This means a small bite once in a while. If a dog eats a block of camembert cheese, it will deal with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and/or stomach pain.

Cheese is a treat that should be given to your dog once in a while. This goes for most types of cheese including camembert cheese.

This article will take a look at tips on how to give camembert cheese to a dog safely.

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Tips on How To Give Camembert Cheese To A Dog

1. Start with a Small Bite

Camembert cheese is good for dogs as long as it is given in small quantities.

This means grabbing a block of camembert cheese and putting it in front of a dog is not smart. The dog will likely eat the cheese, but it might harm the dog over the long term.

You have to take a step back and let the dog guide you.

This includes assessing how the dog’s stomach responds to a small bite. By starting with a small amount of camembert cheese for your dog, it will become easier to see how the dog feels without compromising its health.

A lot of dog owners make this mistake and end up giving too much cheese to a dog.

Even with a larger dog, you should avoid giving it too much cheese. This is dangerous and not something you want to do.

can dogs eat camembert

2. Focus on the Dog’s Reaction

Dogs are easy to read as long as you are paying attention.

Feeding camembert cheese to a dog might seem smart but it all comes down to the dog itself. You want to look at how the dog responds to a small bite. This will set the tone for how much camembert cheese a dog can eat in one go.

Most dogs are not going to be able to handle more than a small bite of cheese. This includes any type of cheese that you end up putting in front of the dog.

The same applies to camembert cheese, which means you want to be laser-focused on the dog’s response.

Dogs will often showcase specific symptoms associated with eating the wrong food such as lethargy, nausea, and/or stomach pain where they refuse to move. Look out for these symptoms.

In some cases, dogs will refuse to eat camembert cheese.

The reason for this is due to their preferences. They might not like the smell of camembert cheese and that is perfectly fine.

This is an example of a dog that simply doesn’t like cheese. In situations such as these, you should not be forcing a dog to eat camembert cheese because it will likely spit it out.

If the dog does eat camembert cheese, you will want to give it a small bite and go from there. This is more than enough to see how the dog responds to the cheese.

can dogs eat camembert

3. Don’t Make It A Regular Treat

Giving camembert cheese to a dog is also about how often you give it.

This is a mistake dog owners make.

Just because a dog has eaten camembert cheese once doesn’t mean it has to become a regular thing. You should avoid doing this as that is how a dog can end up with long-term digestive issues.

It’s best to give it here and there.

Dogs should not be eating camembert cheese as a regular part of their diet. It is a “once in a while” treat and nothing more than that.

This will allow the dog to savor the taste without compromising its health.

This is a win-win and a must for dog owners that want to do this the right way.

Related Questions

1. Is Camberbert Cheese Okay For Dogs?

Camembert cheese is okay for dogs as long as it’s given in small quantities. This allows the dog to enjoy the treat without dealing with symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and/or vomiting. This can happen if the dog eats a full block of cheese in one sitting.

2. What Cheese Is Safe For Dogs?

Dogs can eat most types of cheese including camembert, mozzarella, cheddar, and cottage cheese. It’s important to only give dogs a small amount of cheese per serving to avoid digestive issues.

Final Thoughts

Can dogs eat camembert?

Dogs can eat camembert cheese as it is healthy for dogs in small amounts. If the dog eats too much camembert cheese per serving, it might end up dealing with symptoms such as stomach pain, fatigue, nausea, and/or vomiting.

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