Why Are Dogs Loyal To Abusive Owners? (Answered!)

Abusive owners are common in all parts of the world.

Whether it’s verbal or physical abuse, dogs have to take a lot in some situations. This is why it becomes interesting to look at how dogs behave with abusive owners. This includes asking, why are dogs loyal to abusive owners?

Dogs are loyal to abusive owners because they’re reliant on them for food, shelter, and overall protection. It’s natural for dogs to maintain hierarchy and they see the owner as being the pack leader.

It’s important to note abused dogs might be loyal to their owner but can go into a shell. This is common behavior where the dog doesn’t act like it would with a nicer owner.

This is why it’s important to work with the dog to make sure it is treated well. Any abuse can have short and long-term effects on the dog’s mental well-being.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons why dogs are loyal to abusive owners.

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Reasons Dogs Are Loyal To Abusive Owners

1. Self-Preservation

The most important reason for dogs being loyal to abusive dog owners has to do with self-preservation.

From a dog’s perspective, the owner provides food, shelter, and everything in between. This means all of this would go away if they were to act out and/or show anger towards the owner.

As a result, dogs prefer to please the owner and try to rectify their behavior. This can even including going into hiding as a way to stay out of the owner’s path during the day. Each dog is going to have a unique response to abuse and that is why it is challenging to work with a dog that has been abused.

They might not understand what is going on but will still want to stick out because it’s their only option.

Dogs also don’t have the ability to talk to someone, which means they internalize most of the abuse.

This can create situations where the dog just tries to self-preserve as much as possible even if it leads to additional abuse.

why are dogs loyal to abusive owners

2. Maintaining Hierarchy

Dogs are pack animals.

This means they are going to be part of a structured family where there is a pack leader. This can become difficult when the dog is getting abused because it will still want to maintain the hierarchy.

It is naturally assumed there will be an alpha dog in the pack that is going to lead the way. Since humans provide food and shelter, they are the ones that are seen as the alpha dog by the pet.

This can create a situation where the dog is willing to take the abuse.

Dogs see their owners as pack leaders and this is what causes them to tolerate abuse even if it harms them. It is a natural instinct that is hard for dogs to shake off even when they are upset.

Dogs don’t want to act out of order as this would result in further harm.

This is why they continue to tolerate the abuse and will assume they are doing something wrong. This is a common response from abused dogs and it can become their only way of living after a few years of abuse.

why are dogs loyal to abusive owners

3. Known To Be People Pleasers

Dogs are known for being people pleasers.

This means they want to do something that pleases their owner. This can include completing a simple trick or following a command.

It is built into them and it is something they are good at doing.

Unfortunately, this can lead to a situation where the dog will continue to please its owner even when it is getting abused regularly.

Dogs quickly learn to please people for rewards and this can get skewed when they’re abused. This abuse then leads the dog to assume it is doing something wrong.

This is an issue that can cause the dog to tolerate a lot of abuse.

Dog owners that abuse their dogs need to realize the damage they are doing. It will make it harder for dogs to trust humans and they will continue to struggle with the relationship.

Related Questions

1. Do Dogs Remember Abusive Owners?

Dogs can remember abusive owners. They will remember specific scents and sights, which can trigger a psychological response depending on how extensive the abuse was.

2. Why Do Dogs Love Their Abusive Owners?

Dogs love their abusive owners because it’s a part of self-preservation. The owner provides food, shelter, and overall protection that is necessary among dogs. This causes abused dogs to tolerate a lot.

Final Thoughts

Why are dogs loyal to abusive owners?

Dogs are loyal to abusive owners because it comes naturally to them. They are a part of a pack and this includes the abusive owner. They will want to self-preserve because the dog owner offers food, shelter, and protection.

This is why it’s important to avoid abusing a dog. They are going to stay loyal and deserve respect.

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