Should A Dog Be Able To Sit Up In A Crate? (Answered!)

Younger dogs are often placed inside a crate.

This is to ensure they don’t wander off, get hurt, and/or end up making a mess. When it comes to raising a puppy or a younger dog, you will want to start them inside a dog crate. It is a good way to control their behavior before training them to roam around the house.

However, it is important to look for a good dog crate. This includes understanding how big a dog crate should be.

You are going to have to ask, should a dog be able to sit up in a crate?

Dogs should be able to sit up in a crate. It’s important a dog can walk, turn, sit, and/or stand inside a crate without hitting the sides or top. This is to ensure they are not cramped and can stay relatively relaxed inside the crate.

Sometimes, dog owners try to force the issue with a smaller dog crate. This might seem like a good idea but it is going to harm the dog’s mental well-being and it can also take a toll on their physical development.

For younger dogs, you have to avoid doing this at all costs.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons why a dog should be able to sit in a dog crate without hitting the sides or top.

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Reasons For A Dog Being Able To Sit In A Dog Crate

1. Ideal for Growth

Imagine having a puppy spend time inside a dog crate.

This puppy is going to be growing rapidly. If it is not getting enough space to stand and/or sit for long periods, this is going to stunt the dog’s growth!

You have to take this part of the equation seriously as a dog owner.

Dogs should be able to sit inside a dog crate without hitting anything. This includes being able to stand up and walk around for a few steps.

This is the only way a dog crate is going to be a good option for your dog. Otherwise, it will be a confined space that is too small and is going to damage their physical development.

should a dog be able to sit up in crate

2. Reduces Anxiety

You will also want to account for the dog’s mental well-being.

Imagine being stuck in a small space with no way out. This happens when you place a dog inside a cramped dog crate hoping it will do fine.

The dog is going to start whining right away because this is unnatural. It is not going to want to be in a space where it can’t move at all.

Dogs can become anxious when they are in a boxed space and even more so when it is impossible to sit down. This can cause a lot of harm to the dog making it important to find a well-sized dog crate.

Even younger dogs will avoid being in a situation such as this and are going to cry.

You have to make sure the dog has enough space where it doesn’t feel too confined. This is why giving it space to walk around inside the dog crate is a must.

If a dog can’t even sit inside a dog crate, you have a serious problem on your hands and it needs to be rectified immediately.

should a dog be able to sit up in crate

3. Keeps the Dog Happy

Dogs should be kept happy when they are inside a dog crate.

This includes taking the time to place a dog’s blanket, toys, and/or other items inside that will keep it comfortable. If you don’t do this, it is possible the dog is going to start whining and/or clawing at the edges of the crate.

The same applies to ensuring a dog has enough space inside a dog crate.

Dogs are known to be happier when they have additional space to roam around. Some use playpens to let dogs walk while others prefer larger dog crates. The option is yours.

You will want to keep the dog happy and that will only happen with a well-sized dog crate. Otherwise, it is not going to be too happy with its arrangements.

Always look to buy a larger dog crate if you are unsure. It will provide peace of mind when you set it up.

Related Questions

1. How Do I Know If My Dog’s Crate Is Too Small?

A dog’s crate is too small if it can’t stand, sit, or walk a few steps. This will mean the dog crate is too cramped and bad for the dog’s well-being.

2. How Much Room Does A Dog Need In A Crate?

Dogs need enough space inside a crate to ensure they can sit, stand, and walk around for a few steps without hitting the sides or top. Anything less than this can be dangerous for the dog’s physical and mental well-being.

Final Thoughts

Should a dog be able to sit up in a crate?

Dogs should be able to sit in a crate without hitting the sides or top. This includes ensuring the dog can stand and/or walk a few steps without feeling cramped.

This is a must when buying a dog crate.

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