Why Is Puppy Screaming In Crate For Hours? (Explained!)

Puppies are a ball of energy and will be difficult early on.

This is just a part of growing up and it’s something dog owners need to be aware of with puppies. Whether it’s running around all day long, whining, or screaming in a crate, it is common for puppies to experience growing pains.

This will leave you wondering, why is your puppy screaming in the crate for hours?

A puppy can scream in the crate for hours because it feels restricted, anxious, and/or upset about its current arrangements. It is also possible the puppy is whining about needing food or attention.

Puppies are always on the go and the crate might upset them.

However, there is nothing wrong with putting a puppy in a crate or a playpen. These are viable options depending on the rest of the room.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons why a puppy is screaming in the crate for hours.

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Reasons Why A Puppy Is Screaming In Crate For Hours

1. Craving Attention

Some puppies while start whining in the crate because they’re craving attention.

They will be enticed by what is happening outside the crate. This can include specific sounds, scents, and/or even you walking by the crate. If the puppy is intrigued by what is going on, it will start crying loudly.

This is just the puppy’s way of getting your attention in a bid to get out of the crate.

Of course, each situation is different and it is important to check up on the puppy right away. It is possible the puppy might be dealing with an emergency. However, if the puppy is in good shape and is screaming loudly then it likely just wants attention.

A good solution for this is to place dog toys inside the crate.

This will help alleviate some of the concerns a puppy has when it comes to being bored. They will play with the toys and that will keep them occupied.

If you have a puppy screaming in crate for hours, you will want to start with the dog toys. This will soothe them over time.

puppy screaming in crate for hours

2. Needs Food

If the puppy hasn’t eaten for a while, it’s possible they are going to want food.

This can include not getting enough food during the day and/or it being time to eat another meal. Each puppy is going to have a personalized schedule but it is important to follow it to a tee.

This is the only way to keep the puppy healthy and happy.

Puppies often get hungry quickly and might start getting antsy if they are not getting their next meal in time.

Don’t let it get to the stage where the puppy is fatigued because it hasn’t eaten. This is dangerous.

You will want to ensure the dog has enough to eat when you get the chance. This is a must and you should always follow a set schedule.

3. Feeling Anxious

This can happen with puppies.

If the puppy has just arrived in a new setting, they might start screaming in a dog crate. This is due to feeling anxious about not only the crate but also everything else around them.

You have to be careful to make sure a puppy is not overstimulated when it is inside a dog crate or in a new environment. This can cause them to panic.

Puppies are known for getting anxious when they are kept in the same spot for too long and this can leading to incessent whining.

It’s essential to set up the dog crate in a safe space where the puppy doesn’t get flustered or confused.

This is how a puppy can become anxious.

You have to be careful if you are dealing with a puppy screaming in the crate for hours.

puppy screaming in crate for hours

Related Questions

1. What Do I Do If My Puppy Won’t Stop Crying In His Crate?

It’s recommended to wait until the puppy stops crying before letting it out of the crate. This is to ensure it doesn’t associate screaming, crying, and/or making a fuss with getting let out of a crate.

2. How Long Should You Let A Puppy Cry In A Crate?

You should let a puppy cry in a crate based on how old it is. For example, a two-month-old puppy can stay in the crate for two hours. While a four-month-old puppy can be kept in the crate for four hours.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons for a puppy screaming in the crate for hours.

Whether it has to do with wanting attention, feeling hungry, and/or being scared, it is common for puppies to cry inside a crate for hours.

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