Can Dogs Eat Horse Hooves? (Explained!)

Horse hooves are made of keratin and can start to come off.

When this happens, it’s common for horse hoove trimmings to be given to animals. This can include a wide array of animals. However, can dogs eat horse hooves?

Dogs should not eat horse hooves because they are hard to chew and can harm their teeth. If a dog is to eat horse hooves, it should be given small trimmings to chew on. These are easier on the teeth.

On the whole, horse hooves are not toxic to dogs and can be consumed. Most of the problem lies in how hard the average horse hoof is.

This article will take a look at the reasons to not give horse hooves to dogs.

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Reasons Why A Dog Should Not Eat Horse Hooves

1. Too Hard

The primary issue with dogs eating horse hooves has to do with hardness.

If you ever take the time to hold onto a horse hoof, you will notice how hard it is. This is not going to be easy for the dog to chew on and it can damage their teeth. Remember, the average dog is not going to let up when it is chewing on something.

This is when their teeth can break and that is an expense you will not want to deal with. Plus, it will hurt the dog too!

Horse hooves are rock hard and will become difficult for the dog to chew on. Even if the dog has strong teeth, horse hooves are tough to dig into.

This is why more and more dog owners look for alternatives that are easier for dogs to eat.

One of the main reasons for horse hooves being rock-solid has to do with the keratin. This is supposed to be tough as it protects the horse and that can act as a damaging problem for dogs.

For those who do want to give horse hooves to dogs, it is best to consider alternatives such as pig hooves.

These are much easier for the dog to eat and will not harm them in any way.

can dogs eat horse hooves

2. Limited Nutritional Value

The nutritional value is a real point of concern when it comes to dogs eating horse hooves.

The keratin that is present in horse hooves will not add a lot of value to a dog’s meal plan. It is going to increase the likelihood of their teeth getting damaged without much of a reward.

This is why dog owners prefer to go with pig hooves.

Never given horse hooves to dogs if the horse has recently been dewormed. This can poison the dog.

Pig hooves are great because they offer similar benefits that are associated with horse hooves and don’t break the dog’s teeth.

This allows you to ensure the dog has a great time with the hooves and doesn’t damage its teeth along the way.

If you are worried about the dog’s health, you will want to make sure it is not eating horse hooves at any stage.

can dogs eat horse hooves

3. Better Alternatives

This has been mentioned before.

Horse hooves are not the only option that is out there. You are going to have the ability to go through a long list of alternatives with one of the best being pig hooves.

Pig hooves are readily available and will pack a punch without compromising the pig’s health. This alone makes it one of the more valuable options available to you as a dog owner.

Pig trimmings are far easier to chew on for dogs and offer the same benefits that horse hooves do.

Pig hooves are noted for being a little softer and easier for dogs to chew into.

While this is true, dogs are still going to reap the rewards of having something solid to chew into. This allows them to work on their teeth and bite force without compromising the structural integrity of their teeth.

Related Questions

1. Are Hooves Bad For Dogs?

Horse hooves are bad for dogs as they are made of keratin and can be tough to bite into. This can lead to the dog’s teeth getting damaged and/or worn down.

2. Why Do Dogs Like To Chew On Hooves?

Dogs like to chew on hooves because it allows them to sharpen their teeth, soothe themselves, and enjoy the delicious taste of hooves in their mouth.

Final Thoughts

Can dogs eat horse hooves?

Dogs cannot and should not eat horse hooves. These hooves are greasy, hard to chew, and can do a lot of damage to a dog’s teeth. Horse hooves can also become contaminated if the horse has been dewormed, which is dangerous to dogs.

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