Is Clary Sage Safe For Dogs? (Answered!)

Clary sage or “Salvia Sclarea” is a renowned plant found in the North Mediterranean Basin. This plant is used for treatment purposes and is commonly associated with the healthcare industry due to its healing benefits.

While it is one of the more useful organic plants in the world for humans, does it offer similar benefits to dogs? Is clary sage safe for dogs?

Clary sage is safe for dogs. It is commonly used for stress relief, treating depression, and/or getting rid of bad bacteria. It’s highly recommended to diffuse the clary sage oil before using it around dogs.

Dogs can handle 100% pure clary sage oil but it is not a good starting point. You will want to start slowly and see how the dog responds. If the dog doesn’t respond well then you will have to diffuse it further.

Don’t force the issue as that can cause harm.

This article will take a look at some of the benefits of clary sage for dogs and why it should be included in your home.

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Benefits Of Clary Sage For Dogs

1. Stress Reliever

Stress is not something that’s reserved for humans.

This is a common misconception as dogs can also become anxious, nervous, and/or stressed. This is a viable reaction to their environmental conditions and/or everything that is happening around them at that moment.

If that is something you are worried about, it makes sense to take advantage of clary sage for dogs.

A good example of this would be an abused dog that has just been rehomed. It might be going through extreme bouts of stress and it will not feel comfortable around humans. This can cause all sorts of anxiety in the dog.

To calm the dog down, you will want to stay peaceful but also use clary sage oil.

Clary sage oil is good for dogs and will offer tremendous value as a stress reliever. You should enjoy the benefits of clary sage for dogs and see how it helps out over the long term.

It’s a simple addition to the dog’s life and it will be organic too. This is a must and it will offer the type of benefits your dog needs when it is stressed a lot.

is clary sage safe for dogs

2. Removes Bacteria

Let’s assume you have a home that is dealing with bacteria.

This is a common concern in aging houses and/or places with a lot of pets. Even if you have things under control from a cleaning perspective, it is still possible for bacteria to spread everywhere.

This is dangerous and it is something you are not going to want the dog exposed to for long periods.

Dogs can get exposed to dangerous bacteria at home and it’s best to use clary sage essential oil to get rid of them beforehand.

By using clary sage oil for dogs, you will get rid of it as soon as you want.

This makes a real difference and it is something that will be worth it for your dog. It will not have to stay around dangerous toxins that can be ingested leading to significant harm.

is clary sage safe for dogs

3. Ideal for Treating Depression

Depression is possible in dogs.

You will want to make sure the dog is kept at peace around the house. This can be done in several ways but one of the more unique options will be to use clary sage oil for dogs.

Clary sage works for dogs because it helps calm them down. This is great as it helps alleviate some of the underlying symptoms associated with depression.

Depression is possible in dogs and can lead to troubling symptoms including dogs refusing to come out into the open for extended periods.

While it might not treat the root cause of depression, it will help control the dog’s emotions at that moment.

This alone is what makes clary sage oil good for dogs. You should be using it around the house to keep them at peace.

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1. Is Clary Sage Safe To Diffuse Around Dogs?

Clary sage is safe to diffuse around dogs. It can be used to help treat symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and/or stress in dogs.

2. Are Essential Oils Safe For Dogs To Smell?

Essential oils are safe for dogs to smell. However, certain essential oils are toxic to dogs including anise, citrus, juniper, and cinnamon oil to name a few. It’s best to do your research before using or diffusing essential oils around dogs.

Final Thoughts

Is clary sage safe for dogs?

Dogs will enjoy clary sage and are going to respond well to it. Make sure the clary sage oil is 100% organic to enjoy its benefits.

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