Why Is Dog Rejecting Puppies After C-Section? (Solved!)

Dogs that go through a surgical procedure such as a c-section will have a topsy-turvy recovery process.

This can lead to situations where the mom is not as responsive to her litter. You may even end up wondering, why is my dog rejecting puppies after a c-section?

Dogs can reject puppies have a c-section due to anxiety, not recognizing puppies as her own, and/or feeling vulnerable in the current environment. This is commonly when mother dogs will leave the pups to die on their own and/or will commit infanticide.

For dog owners, it’s essential to keep tabs on a mother after she has gone through a c-section procedure. It is possible she will not respond well to her puppies and that can lead to a situation you don’t want to face.

It’s best to find a way to separate the puppies from the mother in a situation such as this. It’s the best way to keep them safe.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons why mother dogs reject puppies after a c-section.

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Reasons Dogs Reject Puppies After A C-Section

1. Feel Vulnerable

The reason dogs refuse to recognize their puppies after a c-section has to do with vulnerability.

In the wild, a mother will want to protect her young at all costs. This includes keeping predators away, ensuring they are warm, and providing enough food for the puppies to grow easily.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible both outdoors and indoors as a family pet. The reason has to do with how the mother is feeling in that specific situation. If she feels anxious and/or out of her element, it’s possible for infanticide to take place.

This is why protecting the puppies is a must especially after a c-section.

This procedure is going to initiate a feeling where the mother doesn’t feel strong enough to take care of her litter. When this happens, it is possible for the mother to act out and kill the puppies.

If you don’t pay attention to how the dog is feeling and/or behaving, you could have a bad situation on your hands.

dog rejecting puppies after c-section

2. Don’t Recognize Puppies As Her Own

You will sometimes see a dog give birth and then fail to connect with the puppies. This can happen for several reasons and sometimes the simplest one has to do with not wanting to take on the responsibility.

This is not common but it is something that does happen with all dog breeds.

This is when the dog will not recognize her young and just ignore them. This can include walking away from them.

It is possible mother dogs don’t recognize their pups due to not recognizing the scent. This is rare but it can happen.

When a dog gets a c-section, the likelihood of something like this happening increases. The reason has to do with the dramatic nature of the birthing process.

It might lead to her hormones being all over the place.

You have to be careful with a dog that has gone through a c-section. They will be vulnerable and could lash out at the pups.

dog rejecting puppies after c-section

3. Feel Anxious

This is normal with dogs.

They are going to feel anxious with all of the puppies around them and this can lead to extraordinary reactions including infanticide.

If the dog doesn’t feel prepared to care for its young, the anxiety can pile over into killing the pups.

Dogs will often feel anxious due to the introduction of a litter and this can lead to an assortment of reactions including infanticide in the worst case scenario.

unfortunately, this is a greater issue when the birth involved a c-section. This is going to include an additional recovery phase that will bother the mother when she is supposed to be caring for her young.

When this happens, the mother might interpret this anxiety as a sign she is not ready and/or should not let the puppies live.

You have to be vigilant in a situation such as this and be aware of what the mother might do.

Related Questions

1. Can A Dog Nurse After A C-Section?

Most dogs can nurse after a c-section but it does require human intervention. This includes placing the puppies close to the mother as she lies down.

2. How Long Does It Take A Dog To Recover From C-Section?

Most dogs will recover from the anesthesia within 2-6 hours. As for the c-section, each situation is unique but most dogs take a few months to recover.

Final Thoughts

Why is dog rejecting puppies after c-section?

Dogs reject puppies after a c-section because they are not confident in their health. This can also lead to hormonal fluctuations, which can cause the dog to panic or lash out at the pups.

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