Can A Dog Pass A Maxi Pad? (Solved!)

Dogs are voracious eaters and they will look to swallow almost anything.

It’s just a part of their nature to want to eat. This can include trying to eat items that are non-edible and should never be put into a dog’s mouth.

As a result, it might lead to a situation where you are asking, can a dog pass a maxi pad?

Dogs will find it difficult to pass a maxi pad. This is due to the absorption rate of a pad. It will absorb a substantial amount of liquid in a dog’s digestive system causing it to swell up. This can result in a situation where the maxi pad gets trapped inside needing surgical intervention.

In most cases, it’s highly recommended to consult with a vet to have an x-ray done on the dog’s digestive system. This is the only way to get a better read on what’s going on with the maxi pad and whether or not it’s safe for the dog.

If you are not careful, it could lead to the dog’s death.

This is why it’s important not to take a dog eating a maxi pad lightly. This is a serious issue and one that has to be treated as an emergency.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons why dogs cannot pass a maxi pad easily.

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Reasons Dogs Cannot Pass Maxi Pads Easily

1. High Absorption Rate

The primary concern with a dog eating maxi pads has to do with the absorption rate.

Pads are designed to absorb liquid as that is their sole purpose when used by women. However, this is a feature that is not as enjoyable when it happens inside a dog’s digestive system!

It will start to balloon as the liquid starts getting absorbed into the lining of the pad. This will get to the point where the maxi pad stops moving through the digestive system.

This is why the likelihood of a maxi pad passing through a dog is not high.

In most cases, if the maxi pad has not been chewed into small pieces, it will get trapped somewhere inside the dog’s digestive system. This will cause quite a bit of pain and discomfort to the point of the dog needing immediate surgery.

If you are dealing with a situation such as this, it is best to consult with a vet as soon as possible.

can a dog pass a maxi pad

2. Non-Edible

You have to realize maxi pads are not supposed to be eaten by dogs.

This is common sense.

As a result, the maxi pad is not going to gel well with a dog’s digestive system. It will not be easy to break down with the stomach acids in a dog’s body nor will it be easy to chew into.

This is what causes maxi pads to become a real problem.

Pads are not supposed to be eaten, which means it is dangerous to have a dog bite into one even if it is just a little bit. In a lot of cases, dogs go to the vet for surgery when they eat items such as these.

A dog that has eaten a maxi pad will likely start exhibiting symptoms quickly.

This can include a series of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, fatigue, and more. They might even be in a state of confusion due to the pain.

can a dog pass a maxi pad

3. Get Trapped Easily

Maxi pads get trapped easily inside a dog’s digestive system.

If a dog ate a maxi pad, you will have to consult with a vet due to this reason. It is going to get trapped quickly and it will do a lot of harm to the dog’s health.

The material used for maxi pads doesn’t do well in digestive systems and will easily lodge in the intestines causing an unwanted and uncomfortable blockage.

This is the case whether the pieces are small or not.

Some dog owners assume the maxi pad has been chewed enough where it will pass through. This is untrue because it does get trapped quickly leading to significant pain.

Related Questions

1. What Do You Do If Your Dog Eats A Pad?

If your dog eats a pad, it’s essential to speak to a vet as soon as possible. This is a serious emergency as the pad will get trapped inside the digestive system leading to stomach pain, nausea, fatigue, and possible death.

2. Why Does my Dog Rip Up My Pads?

Dogs rip up pads because it is easy to destroy and that interests them. They will grab, rip, and bite the pad as a way of playing.

Final Thoughts

Can a dog pass a maxi pad?

Dogs cannot pass maxi pads for the most part. In rare cases, a maxi pad will go through the digestive system if it has been chewed into tiny pieces.

Otherwise, it will most likely balloon inside and lead to significant pain. This is why it has to be removed by a vet.

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