Can a Dog Wear a Collar and a Harness? (Solved!)

It’s common for dog owners to buy either a collar or a harness for their pets.

This includes putting on a collar before taking the dog for a walk or putting on a harness before heading on a long trip. The reasons vary but it often comes down to one or the other.

What happens when you want to put both on a dog? Can a dog wear a collar and a harness?

Dogs can wear a collar and a harness safely. This is often recommended to help control a dog’s movements and help protect it in harmful settings (i.e. hiking trails).

Some dogs may not need both but it is a great safety feature to keep up your sleeve. Why settle for less when you don’t have to? This is a wonderful option that is going to keep the dog as safe as you want it to be.

Here’s more on what the benefits are of a dog wearing both a collar and a harness.

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Benefits of Dogs Wearing Both a Collar and Harness

1. Extra Safety

It starts with safety.

When a dog wears both a harness and a collar, it is going to have additional safety across the entire body. When a dog wears only a collar, it will receive targeted protection around the neck area.

This is fine, but it might take away from the rest of the dog’s torso.

This is where the harness provides a more well-rounded and consistent safety solution while the dog is moving. For dogs that are more elusive and/or aggressive, it is best to have the combination setup in place. You will feel more at peace while doing this and that does play a role in your decision.

You have to realize each dog is going to be unique.

Some are not going to respond well to the two-pronged setup but it will work out well for them. If you believe the dog needs to be kept extra safe in a specific setting then it might be the best way to go.

martingale collar vs harness

2. Added Control

You will want as much control over the dog as possible when outdoors.

This is something a lot of dog owners are conscious of when it comes to moving around. You don’t want a situation where the dog is not safe and/or continues to slip away.

This is why more and more people are now taking a look at going with both a dog collar and harness. It simply provides the added control you are on the lookout for as a dog owner.

Dogs are hard to control in outdoor settings and that is where both a collar and harness will go a long way in keeping them safe.

It is going to be uplifting knowing you are going to have complete control over the dog’s body without tugging on a specific part of its body.

This is often an issue when it is only wearing a dog collar.

You will have this type of protection in place that will keep the dog safe at all times.

martingale collar vs harness

3. Ideal for Fidgety Dogs

Some dogs are going to move around a lot.

This is why a dog harness and collar can go a long way. They are going to move around and you will want to make sure that fidgeting doesn’t cause them to get hurt.

If you have a dog like this, you will want to go with the combination setup.

Dogs will learn when they are wearing a collar and harness while associating you with dominance. This is good when dealing with an aggressive dog.

This is simply a good option that works well for all breeds.

It is also going to work out well if you have a dog that is younger. At a young age, dogs are not as well-trained and they will move around more.

This is where you can take advantage of using a dog collar and harness together.

Related Questions

1. Is It Better To Walk A Dog With A Harness Or Collar?

It is better to walk a dog with a harness as it provides better coverage across the dog’s body. It will not only cover the neck area but also the torso. This ensures any tugging on the dog will spread across its body rather than solely on the neck area.

2. Is It OK for a Dog To Wear Harness All The Time?

Yes, it is possible for a dog to wear a harness all the time. However, it is highly recommended to remove the harness throughout the day to make sure the body is allowed to breathe a bit.

Final Thoughts

Can a dog wear a collar and a harness?

Dogs are more than welcome to wear a collar and a harness. It is a safe solution that provides added control and protects the dog while it is moving.

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