Why Do Dogs Like Human Saliva? (Explained!)

Human saliva is composed of key electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium. It’s important for the human body and works in unison with the salivary glands.

While its importance for humans is well-noted, what about dogs? Why do dogs like human saliva?

Dogs like human saliva because it’s a form of affection and communication. Dogs will commonly do this with members of their pack and this includes humans. Saliva also consists of magnesium, calcium, and bicarbonate, which can attract dogs.

Dogs are often noted licking at a human’s spit because of these reasons.

In some cases, you are going to notice a dog’s nose perk up around spit. They are commonly intrigued by human saliva and will move towards it depending on where it came from.

This article is going to take a look at why dogs like human saliva.

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Reasons For Why Dogs Like Human Saliva

1. Form of Affection

To the surprise of many dog owners, the reason dogs get attracted to human saliva has to do with affection.

They are simply wanting to get closer to their human and this can include connecting through saliva. While this is not always common, it is one of the reasons a dog will start moving towards bodily fluids from a human. This can even include human urine.

Dogs are curious animals and they are also nose-dominant. This means they will use their strong nose to find specific scents that are dear to them.

One of those scents will be yours because they associate you with peace and safety. When this happens, it is common for a dog to start looking for a way to enjoy this scent and make it a part of its setting.

To do this, you will see the dog want to rub against the spit and/or lick it.

To the average dog owner, this might seem unappealing and odd. However, the dog is just doing what comes naturally to it and it is often a sign of affection.

If your dog is doing this with your saliva, it is a sign they are quite happy being around you and feel safe.

why do dogs like human saliva

2. Bonding

Dogs have unique ways of bonding with humans.

They will do all sorts of things to connect with you and all of them are normal. One of those strategies includes taking the time to lick your spit.

They will want to connect with you by having your scent in their personal space. This is going to include anything associated with your scent including rubbing a blanket against your body. However, things kick up a notch when the dog starts to lick your spit.

They will simply be trying to bond with you and build a stronger connection.

Dogs will often find ways to bond with their pack members and this can include humans. They will lick the saliva to show their bond with you.

In the dog’s eyes, it is simply sharing scents with you.

They might even try to lick you as a way to spread their scent on you. This is perfectly normal even if you might not want a dog’s slobber on your body!

why do dogs like human saliva

3. Attracted To Electrolytes

This is one of the more underappreciated reasons for a dog licking human spit.

In general, the dog is going to be attracted to human saliva and the reason will come down to its composition. A dog is going to hone in on the electrolytes that are present in the saliva.

This is normal and it has to do with the protein, magnesium, and calcium found in spit.

Saliva has several key electrolytes that can cause a dog to want to go near the saliva when given a chance to do so.

You will notice the dog sniff the saliva before licking it.

They are not going to see saliva the same way you would. For the dog, it is just a part of your body and something they can lick or sniff to their heart’s content.

Related Questions

1. Why Do Dogs Lick People’s Spit?

Dogs lick people’s spit as a form of affection and will also be attracted to its composition. This includes key electrolytes such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

2. Can Dogs Get Sick From Human Saliva?

Dogs cannot get sick from human saliva. It is common for dogs to lick human saliva as a form of affection and communication.

Final Thoughts

Why do dogs like human saliva?

Human saliva is attractive to dogs and they will seek it out from time to time. You may even notice a dog licking spit off of the ground due to this reason.

Dogs like human saliva because it shares your scent and they associate it with peace. For the dog, it’s just a way of showing their affection.

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