My Dog Is Scared Of Me Because I Beat Him! (Helpful Tips!)

The abuse of dogs is one of the worst things a person can do.

It’s essential to understand the psychology of an animal and how it perceives you. Dogs are not aloof when it comes to physical abuse and understand when they are not being treated properly.

This is why anyone that says “My dog is scared of me because I beat him!” has to reconsider their approach immediately.

The reason beating your dog is a bad idea has to do with the psychological impact it has. The dog will go into a mental shell where it refuses to be around you, eat, or even do basic things such as walking.

Even a light beating is going to have severe consequences over the long term.

This is why dog owners have to take a step back and focus on changing their discipline style. Otherwise, you are going to have a dog that is unhappy and fearful of being around you!

This article will take a look at why beating your dog is a bad idea and what you should be doing as an alternative.

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Reasons For Why Beating Your Dog Is Bad

1. Creates Fear

The biggest concern is always going to be physical harm but also fear.

A dog that is terrified of you is never going to be friendly. They are either going to become aggressive and/or fearful to the point they don’t want to be around you.

This is why dog owners have to be careful about how they discipline a dog. Beating is simply not the right approach and is going to do more harm than good.

Instead, you want to use positive affirmations as a way to get through to the dog. They will begin to make the connection between being praised and doing something to deserve it. This is a strategy most dog owners employ and it works well.

There is never a need to beat your dog nor is this something that will yield good results. It is a below-par strategy that is simply inhumane and doesn’t work.

Along with the harm it does, it is quite difficult to earn a dog’s trust back after they are in a state of fear.

my dog is scared of me because i beat him

2. Makes Dog Difficult To Train

If you want to train a dog, you will not want to beat them.

Beating a dog is going to make them go into a shell and this is when they don’t listen. The dog is going to refuse to be around you and will only be thinking about how scared it is.

This is a natural defense mechanism because they will associate you with pain or fear.

The dog will not be as responsive to new concepts because it is in a constant state of fear around you. This is when discipline can go overboard.

You never want a dog to be in this state.

Once they get into a fearful state, it is a lot harder to train the dog. They will refuse to listen and/or they are going to continue forgetting what you are trying to get through to them.

This is why most dog owners don’t abuse their dogs even with light beatings.

my dog is scared of me because i beat him

3. Physical Harm

This is a common sense reason for why beating a dog is bad.

You will end up harming them physically and that is unacceptable. This is dangerous for the dog’s mental well-being but also their ability to lead a healthy life.

There should never be a point where you have to hurt a dog.

Thousands of dogs worldwide go through this ordeal regularly and it can take a toll on them. It’s something no one should be doing.

There are much better ways of discipline a dog as long as you are patient.

Take the time to look at what works well with your dog. Beating is the easy way out and it just doesn’t work the way you think it does.

Related Questions

1. Do Dogs Forgive When You Hit Them?

Dogs are forgiving animals but constant abuse can take longer to overcome. It’s essential to avoid hitting a dog because it doesn’t work as a disciplinary method.

2. What Should I Do If Dog Is Scared Of Me?

The best thing to do when a dog is scared of you is to remain close to them and don’t make eye contact. The goal is to show your presence is not a danger to them.

Final Thoughts

My dog is scared of me because I beat him!

Beating your dog is never an option and it will lead to a terrified dog. Most dogs will go into a mental shell and hide away from you.

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