My Dog Gorged On Dry Food! (Helpful Tips!)

Dogs are eager eaters and will do anything to enjoy a good meal.

Unfortunately, this can lead to some awful decision-making on their part including eating too much dog food. It is essential to understand what you need to do in a situation such as this.

If you are saying “My dog gorged on dry food!” then it’s time to start here.

If your dog gorges on dry food, it can start to feel fatigued, bloated, nauseous, and might even throw up. This occurs due to eating too much over a short period and drinking water at the same time.

In a situation such as this, it’s important to help the dog and make sure it doesn’t continue eating.

This article will provide tips on what to do if your dog gorged on dry food.

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Tips To Follow If Your Dog Gorged On Dry Food

1. Stop Feeding the Dog

It’s common for a dog to continue eating regardless of its symptoms.

This is dangerous and will only worsen the situation. In some cases, the belly will expand to the point where surgery is required to remove the excess dry food inside the dog’s digestive system.

This is dangerous and it is the last thing you are going to want as a dog owner.

The best strategy is to stop feeding the dog dry food until a day has passed. This will allow the digestive system to do its thing while the food goes through the intestines.

If you continue to feed the dog during this period, it’s possible the dog’s symptoms will worsen. This is due to the dog’s stomach having a specific capacity before it starts shutting down or removing the food. This usually happens in the form of vomiting.

A dog that has overeaten will exhibit symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and vomiting.

This condition is most common in dogs that eat one meal per day. A lot of larger dog breeds tend to suffer from this issue because they are voracious eaters and will overconsume dry dog food.

When combined with water, this can have a devastating effect on the dog’s body.

dog gorged on dry food

2. Let the Food Pass

The best option for dog owners is to let the food pass.

Of course, there are situations where you won’t be able to do this. The reason will involve too much food being trapped in the dog’s digestive system causing significant pain.

If the dog is continually vomiting food, it might be time to speak to a vet.

Otherwise, you can let the food pass during the coming 24 hours. This will provide relief to the dog as long as it is not vomiting aggressively.

Dogs will be able to pass food for the most part. This might take 24 hours to happen but it’s important to reduce any dry dog food consumption during the period.

During this period, you will want to reduce any consumption of dry dog food.

Instead, it’s better to stick to simple water consumption. This will ensure the dog doesn’t worsen its condition due to the dry dog food.

dog gorged on dry food

3. Speak to a Vet

This is the most important piece of advice for dog owners to follow.

You will want to take the time to speak to a vet. They will diagnose the dog’s belly, assess how much dry dog food has been consumed, and whether or not surgery is necessary.

Each situation is unique when it comes to a dog that has eaten too much dry food.

It is possible the vet will provide laxatives to keep the digestive system churning along. While more extreme situations will necessitate surgery.

Vets can help diagnose a dog’s distended belly to determine what’s going on and whether or not surgery is required.

The goal is to make the dog feel better and that is what the vet is going to be focused on.

It’s highly recommended to go to the vet as soon as possible. They will do a proper x-ray to assess what’s going on and how to help the dog moving forward.

Related Questions

1. What Happens If A Dog Eats Too Much Dry Food?

If a dog eats too much dry food, its belly will become distended causing nausea, vomiting, and/or pain. It’s essential to regulate how much dry dog food a dog consumes per meal.

2. Should Dry Dog Food Be Moistened?

It is recommended to moisten dry dog food with a sprinkle of water. This can help make the dog food easier to chew and digest. Plus, many dogs prefer the taste of moistened dog food.

Final Thoughts

Why has your dog gorged on dry food?

If your dog has gorged on dry food, it’s essential to take your time in cutting down on how much is being consumed. You will also want to let the existing food pass through the digestive system and immediately speak to a vet.

In some cases, the resulting symptoms will include pain, nausea, fatigue, and/or vomiting.

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