Does My Dog Know I Don’t Like Him? (Answered!)

It’s often assumed an owner and dog will always get along.

This is untrue and there are situations where you may not like your dog. This could involve the dog’s behavior and/or how difficult they are to train.

This can lead you to ask, does my dog know I don’t like him?

Dogs have a general understanding of when a human is upset or happy. A day may realize you don’t like them if you are constantly yelling at the dog, avoiding them, and/or being harsh.

It’s not a good idea to behave with a dog in this manner. It can have a psychological impact on their long-term health and that is the last thing you will want to do.

Instead, it’s important to begin working on your relationship with the dog and understanding what the problem is.

Here are a few tips on what to do if you don’t like your dog.

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Tips On What To Do If You Don’t Like Your Dog

1. Go for Daily Walks

If you don’t like your dog, it’s important to create a routine.

This routine can act as a way to build your relationship with the dog. In general, a lot of people separate themselves from their pets including letting them out for a jog in the backyard.

This will upset the dog as they will need more exercise. As a result, they are going to start taking it out on you around the house!

With a dog, you will want to create a schedule where you are going for walks from time to time. This should happen at the same time every day to help build continuity.

Why is this important?

In general, you are going to get used to having the dog along for a walk. This will allow you to gain the dog’s trust and it will also allow you to see the dog in a different light.

This is true for anything you do with the dog as long as it is consistent. The more you focus on consistency, the easier it will become to like your dog again.

Does my dog know I don't like him

2. Train The Dog Slowly

One of the reasons you may not like your dog has to do with a lack of training.

A dog that is poorly trained is going to be a handful all the time. This is challenging when you are looking to rest indoors and don’t want to deal with a dog that is bouncing off of the walls!

However, what if you take the time to train your dog?

Simple commands are a good starting point and will help establish a rapport with the dog as it continues to live with you.

Training the dog slowly will make it easier to work on the relationship.

The dog is going to start seeing the connection between positivity and obeying your commands. It can be simple things such as sitting or rolling over.

Just start with the basics and then work your way up.

Does my dog know I don't like him

3. Stop Being Harsh Right Away

This is the biggest mistake dog owners make.

In general, you are going to assume a misbehaving dog has to be disciplined. Yes, discipline is key but your approach can vary.

You don’t have to yell, abuse, or hit the dog. This is not the right strategy nor is it going to work the way you think it will. Instead, the dog is going to go into a shell and hate you.

This is not the approach anyone should be taking with their pets.

Dogs can go into a shell when you are constantly yelling and/or hitting. This is unnecessary and will make it difficult to build a bond with your dog.

So, what should you do then?

The goal is to use positive affirmations with your dog. This includes staying positive with your word choice and tone.

By doing this, you are going to start to build trust with your dog and that is half the battle!

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1. Can Dogs Sense If You Like Them?

Dogs can sense if you like them. They will often pay attention to your mannerisms, tonal changes, and/or words to see whether or not you’re happy.

2. Are Dogs Attracted To People Who Don’t Like Them?

Some days do get attracted to people that are stand-offish and may not play with the dog. This intrigues the dog, especially at a younger age when they are curious.

Final Thoughts

Does my dog know I don’t like him?

A dog will know if you don’t like them. They will pick up certain cues including your tone, word choices, and/or any physical aggression that is displayed on your part.

If this is done constantly, the dog will not want to be around you.

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