Why Is My Dog Breathing Fast While Sleeping? (Answered!)

Dogs can sleep almost anywhere.

This can be fascinating to watch for dog owners that want to ensure their pet is comfortable. In general, dogs are going to rest easy when they are in a nice, cozy spot.

In some cases, you may start wondering, why is my dog breathing fast while sleeping?

Dogs can start breathing fast while sleeping due to respiratory distress. This can be caused to excess heat, toxins in the air, and/or a lung condition.

If you notice your dog have labored breathing, it’s imperative to consult with a vet. They will let you know what’s going on and how to help the dog breathe better.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons why a dog may start breathing fast while sleeping.

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Reasons Why Dog Is Breathing Fast While Sleeping

1. Too Hot

A dog breathing quickly while sleeping may be dealing with heat.

During the warmer months, it’s essential to keep the dog in a cool environment. Their fur is like wearing a jacket all the time and it will take a toll on the dog immediately.

You will start noticing the dog panting all the time. This gets worse during the daytime but it is also a concern at night.

If it is too hot indoors, you will want to make sure to invest in a good AC or fan. This is a must to ensure the dog doesn’t get dehydrated and become exhausted. This happens a lot and it is dangerous for dogs to be put in this type of position.

You have to keep tabs on the dog at all times. Otherwise, the dog is going to see its health decline and it will become difficult to treat later on.

When a dog starts breathing fast when resting, you will know something is wrong. This is not how a dog is supposed to rest and taking action will become imperative.

The best course of action is to reach out to a qualified vet for more information. They will diagnose the dog’s condition and make sure the lungs are in good condition before considering the heat. Dogs that are dealing with heat-related issues may also show fatigue.

why is my dog breathing fast while sleeping

2. Toxins in the Air

How is the air quality where the dog is resting?

If a dog is told to sleep in an older room that is full of dust or toxins, it is possibly going to do a lot of damage. Dogs should not be breathing this type of air regularly.

It will take a toll on the dog’s lungs and is going to make it harder to breathe.

You have to focus on the air quality and make sure a humidifier is set up if necessary. The goal is to improve the air quality and a lot of dog owners don’t do this.

Older homes can have dangerous toxins in the air which shouldn’t be breathed by both humans and dogs. These can bother dogs a lot.

You have to understand dander can also spread with indoor pets.

This means you have to continually improve the air quality and ensure bad toxins are not spreading everywhere. This is important not only for the dog’s health but also for yours!

why is my dog breathing fast while sleeping

3. Lung Infection

You will want to consider a potential respiratory condition.

Dogs that are breathing fast while sleeping may be exhibiting symptoms associated with a lung infection. This is a real problem when it comes to the dog’s overall health.

You have to consult with a vet if this is a prolonged issue.

Vulnerable lungs will cause a dog to start exhibiting symptoms such as fatigue, labored breathing, and/or general discomfort.

Lung infections can get to the stage where a lot of damage is done over time. This can include reducing the dog’s quality of life and making it harder for the dog to move around.

When a dog is dealing with a lung condition, it will often struggle at all times of the day. This is something you are going to notice when going for walks.

Related Questions

1. Is It Normal For Dogs To Breathe Fast While Sleeping?

It is not normal for dogs to breathe fast while sleeping. This can be a sign something is wrong with the dog’s respiratory system including exposure to toxins, an infection, and/or a potential injury.

2. How Fast Should A Dog Breathe While Sleeping?

A healthy dog should breathe 15-20 times per minute while sleeping. This is a steady, safe rate that acts as a baseline when determining whether or not the dog is in good health.

Final Thoughts

Why is my dog breathing fast while sleeping?

A dog that is breathing fast while resting may be dealing with overheating, lung disease, and/or exposure to bad toxins. This is why it’s imperative to consult with a vet right away for more information.

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