How Long Can A Puppy Hold It Overnight? (Explained!)

Puppies are known for having a difficult time keeping it in.

Urination issues are common during this age. You will often see little messes around the house and it becomes important to contain them within specific rooms to make sure those cleanups aren’t extensive.

While this is all true, it is important to ask, how long can a puppy hold it overnight?

Most puppies can hold it for 3-4 hours overnight. The best way to know how long a puppy will hold it overnight is to look at its age. A 3-month old puppy can hold it for 3 hours. Their age is often a good way to tell how long they can control their bladder.

With a young pup, it’s best to find a way to keep them in a crate or a small area. This will ensure they don’t make a mess inside the house.

This article will take a look at some of the best ways to help a puppy hold it overnight.

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Tips For Helping A Puppy Hold It Overnight

1. Start Training Immediately

The best place to start is to focus on potty training a puppy.

They are going to become receptive at a young age and you should look to get through to them quickly. There is no reason to wait around and hope the puppy is going to better manage its own bladder.

Yes, some puppies do a good job of holding it overnight but training is a must. Otherwise, they are just going to relieve themselves whenever they like without second thought!

You have to be diligent and this includes helping a puppy learn how to pee at the right time. This includes creating a little routine for them to follow.

In a traditional house, you are going to want to set up a puppy pad somewhere in the dog’s sleeping area. It shouldn’t be right next to the bed but accessible from that sleeping spot.

This will ensure the puppy can waltz over and relieve itself when you are resting. Most puppies will begin to pick up on this as long as you are consistent with the training process.

how long can a puppy hold it overnight

2. Use a Crate or Smaller Room

If you want a puppy to hold it for longer, it is best to use a crate or keep them in a smaller room.

If you let the puppy roam around, they are going to be curious enough to do just that. Most puppies are not capable of holding themselves in and will start to walk around for fun.

This is dangerous and is the last thing you are going to want with a dog that is still learning how to stay safe.

Puppies have weak bladders and that is why keeping them in a smaller area provides peace of mind.

A crate is a safe way to know the dog isn’t going to go anywhere.

It is okay to also have a nice resting spot and making sure it is in a smaller room in the house. This will ensure any mess that is made is easy to clean up.

how long can a puppy hold it overnight

3. Stop Water Intake 3-4 Hours Before Sleep

You have to figure out the root cause of why a puppy urinates overnight.

In general, the average puppy is going to have issues due to water intake. If you are giving them too much water a few hours before sleeping, it is going to have to come out at some point.

Since puppies are not as good with their bladders, this can lead to messes around the property.

Water is the main reason a puppy will urinate, which is why it is best to stop water intake well in advance. It will alleviate most of the issues a person has in this regard.

The best solution is to stop giving water to a puppy before sleeping.

This means you will want to remove the water bowl 3-4 hours before resting. This will ensure the dog stays healthy and doesn’t urinate overnight.

Related Questions

1. Should I Take My Puppy Out In The Middle Of The Night?

You do not have to take a puppy out in the middle of the night. The last bathroom break should be right before going to sleep. You should also remove the water bowl 3-4 hours before the dog’s bedtime. This will ensure their bladder isn’t full overnight.

2. Can Puppies Hold Pee Overnight?

Puppies cannot hold pee overnight and most will only hold it for 3-4 hours. This is why it’s best to avoid giving water to a dog a few hours before sleeping.

Final Thoughts

How long can a puppy hold it overnight?

Most puppies can only hold it for 3-4 hours on a full bladder. At this point, they will relieve themselves wherever they are if they are not trained.

This is something to account for and which is why puppy pads are a must.

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