Why Is Dog Warm Between Shoulder Blades? (Solved!)

Dogs are warm animals and are commonly associated with this when touched.

However, it is important to note certain areas of the body and how they feel. For example, you may end up asking, why is a dog warm between shoulder blades?

Dogs can become warm between the shoulder blades due to poor blood circulation and/or inflammation. This can cause warmth in the area due to an underlying health condition. In situations such as these, dog owners are highly recommended to consult with a vet for further diagnosis.

This is not a normal feeling and should be inspected in detail.

You don’t want a situation where the dog falls over one day and passes away. This does happen and the reason has to do with a potential infection and/or heart-related condition that has gone unnoticed.

This article will explain some of the reasons why a dog can become warm between the shoulder blades.

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Reasons Why Dog Is Warm Between Shoulder Blades

1. Poor Blood Circulation

The main reason why a dog will be warm near the shoulder blades has to do with poor blood circulation.

The blood is going to start heading to the wrong parts of the body and might even get restricted. This can happen for several reasons including a potential heart issue that is causing the blood to not pump properly.

In a situation such as this, the body is going to start to warm around certain body parts. Due to how dogs are built, this can include areas near the shoulder blades.

If you notice this, it is best to take action as soon as possible!

You will want to reach out to a trusted vet to learn more about what’s going with the dog. They will shed light on the underlying issue, why the blood isn’t circulating, and how to treat it.

This is key information if you feel the dog’s shoulder blades are warm to the touch. This is not something you want to ignore as it might help save your dog’s life.

dog warm between shoulder blades

2. Inflammation

Inflammation is often noted as a reason for dogs getting warmer to the touch. This includes being warmer near the shoulder blades.

The reason for the inflammation can do with a number of things.

This can include allergies, injury, and/or infection. Your goal will be to assess the symptoms and then begin understanding what your options are when it comes to keeping a dog happy. You never want a situation where the dog is unhealthy and/or uncomfortable.

This is why paying attention to the dog’s body and its response is a must.

Some dogs will end up dealing with an injury in the area and this can cause an inflammed response by the immune system.

Inflammation is one of the best ways to get a read on the dog’s immune system.

You will want to focus on how the body responds to the best of your ability. The more you do this, the easier it’s going to be to understand why the dog is warm to the touch.

This is why inflammation is a good starting point.

dog warm between shoulder blades

3. Infection

Infections can occur depending on what the dog has been exposed to.

This can include eating something that was full of bad bacteria. Whatever the cause may be, it is going to result in the dog not being as healthy as it should be.

You will want to pay attention to this as a dog owner.

A dog that has an infection will start displaying symptoms that are commonly associated with an immune response. This is going to include becoming warm in certain parts of the body such as between the shoulder blades.

It’s common for a dog to display a wide array of symptoms when dealing with an infection including warmth, redness, and/or swelling to name a few.

If you run your hands between the dog’s shoulder blades and notice warmth then it is time to start progressing towards a treatment plan.

This is not something to ignore.

If you do ignore it, the infection might start to spread to the point of creating harsher symptoms.

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Dogs will display symptoms such as fatigue, red eyes, warm ears, loss of appetite, and/or a warm nose when they have a fever.

Final Thoughts

Why is the dog warm between shoulder blades?

A dog can become warm between the shoulder blades for reasons such as poor blood circulation, infections, and/or general inflammation.

It’s recommended to consult with a vet to learn more about the dog’s condition.

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