Can Too Much Protein Make My Dog Itch? (Explained!)

It’s often assumed dogs are carnivores and protein is a way of life for them.

Indeed, protein is important for a dog to stay healthy. However, this doesn’t mean dogs should be eating excess protein to sustain themselves. There can become a time when things go haywire and the dog starts responding negatively to excess protein.

You may even wonder, can too much protein make my dog itch?

Dogs that eat too much protein will develop kidney problems due to the increase in urea. This causes the kidneys to work harder. When the kidneys are in bad shape, some of the symptoms can include dehydration, itchiness, fatigue, and/or pain.

It’s important to control how much protein a dog eats at all times. This is the only way to make sure the dog doesn’t develop kidney disease and/or other kidney-related issues.

This article will take a look at some of the reasons why too much protein is bad for dogs.

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Reasons Why Too Much Protein Is Bad For Dogs

1. Kidney Disease

Giving a lot of protein to a dog can cause kidney disease.

This happens because the protein creates urea. This causes the kidneys to go into an overactive state just to keep the body in harmony.

Due to the stress that is put on the kidneys, this can start to take a toll on the dog’s body. There will come a point where the dog is going to have kidney-related symptoms and/or kidney disease. It is important to keep tabs on how much protein a dog is eating due to this reason alone.

Giving too much protein to a dog may seem okay but it is not.

You are going to increase the risk of kidney disease significantly with this choice. If you want to make changes look for alternatives that are going to keep the dog safe.

This is the only way to ensure the dog doesn’t start exhibiting new symptoms because they are consuming too much protein.

can too much protein make my dog itch

2. Dehydration and Fatigue

A dog that is consuming a lot of protein is going to show different symptoms.

One of the symptoms that tend to pop up a lot has to do with dehydration. The dog isn’t going to be drinking enough water to keep up with the protein intake. This creates a situation where the body starts to give out and the dog loses energy.

Some dogs refuse to eat while others start panting a lot without moving.

This is when you will realize it is time to take a step back and change the dog’s diet. You don’t want to go with a meat-heavy diet when the dog is in this state.

Dogs can start to display signs of not wanting to eat when they are consuming too much protein. This is due to their kidneys being overworked.

If the dog is dehydrated, you will notice.

The goal is to make sure you are fine-tuning what the dog is eating at all times. This includes splitting up the portions and making sure the meals aren’t protein-centric.

This is possible with all of the options that are available for dogs to eat.

can too much protein make my dog itch

3. Itchiness

This is not a common symptom but it is one that is possible depending on how the kidneys are affected.

In general, a dog is going to start scratching itself more. The reason for this has to do with how the kidney processes excess protein.

It can have a drying effect on the body and that has a lot to do with dehydration.

It’s possible for a dog to start developing redness and/or itchy spots on the body because of excess protein intake.

When a dog’s body is dehydrated, it can start to get itchy.

The dog will try to rectify this by scratching a lot more. This can cause bleeding, redness, and more. It is essential to take care of this as soon as you can.

Related Questions

1. What Foods Make Dogs Itchy?

Common foods that make dogs itchy include corn, oats, wheat, rice, lamb, and pork. It’s best to give these foods in moderation to keep the dog healthy.

2. Can Dogs Be Allergic To Protein?

It is possible for dogs to be allergic to protein. This can include having an adverse reaction to any meat source including pork, lamb, beef, and/or chicken.

Final Thoughts

Can too much protein make my dog itch?

Excess protein can make a dog itch. This has to do with kidney-related issues and the kidney overworking to process the protein.

It’s best to cut down on the protein given to your dog to make sure it remains healthy.

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