Guide On Complications From Dog Dental Cleaning (Explained!)

Dental cleanings are often a way to improve a dog’s oral health.

However, it might not always be as straightforward as you want. There are several complications from dog dental cleanings that can arise.

It’s essential to know what these dental cleaning complications are for dogs and what the likelihood is of them occurring during your dog’s procedure.

The main complications of dental cleanings in dogs include redness, swollen gums, prolonged lack of sensation, and/or pain.

It’s essential to speak to the specialist to learn more about how the dog’s teeth are going to be cleaned. You will want to ensure they are well-trained and these complications will not cause long-term concerns.

This guide will take a deeper look into the main complications of dog dental cleanings.

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Main Complications Of Dog Dental Cleanings

1. Redness

This is a common complication that is seen with dental cleanings in dogs.

The gums will start to swell up and they are going to be red as well. This is going to be a darkish red that is noticeable when you take the time to inspect the dog’s gums.

In general, the gums are also going to be sensitive to touch. It is common for this to occur closer to the base of the tooth where the cleaning was done.

In situations such as this, it’s important to focus on giving the dog a liquid diet for a few days. This will ensure they don’t aggravate the gums at any stage and/or cause more harm. With the right diet over the course of these 2-3 days, you are going to enjoy better results.

Redness in the gums should be taken seriously. You will want to have the specialist take a look at the structural integrity of the gums and make sure they are not bleeding.

If they are not bleeding then the symptoms will subside after a day or so.

complications from dog dental cleaning

2. Swollen Gums

Along with the redness of the gums, it is also possible for swelling to become a problem.

When it comes to dental cleaning complications for dogs, it is the gums that will be the main point of concern. You are going to notice the gums start swelling and this can become quite uncomfortable for the dog.

It’s essential to soothe the dog’s gums by making sure it doesn’t have to chew on anything hard. This will go a long way in providing relief when the dog needs it the most.

Dogs can end up having swollen gums that atke a few days to subside after a dental cleaning. This is seen in 1-2 cases out of 100 dental cleanings.

You will also want to take the time to speak to a specialist to see when the swelling will go down.

Due to how dental cleanings are done in dogs, it’s common for swelling to take place. This will subside after a day or so in most cases.

complications from dog dental cleaning

3. Prolonged Numbness

Since anesthesia is used to complete dental cleanings in dogs, it becomes important to understand how numbness works.

The area is going to become numb to ensure the dog doesn’t feel pain. This is good during the process but not so much if it becomes a prolonged thing.

In some cases, it is possible the numbness is not going to go away after a few hours. Instead, it is going to last a day or two.

There is no reason to panic and this is normal. It depends on how the dog’s body reacts to the anesthesia and how much was used.

Some dogs will find it hard to eat for a few days if their numbness is prolonged in the gums.

Each dog is going to be unique and this is a problem that is seen with smaller dogs.

They might end up reacting to the anesthesia in a manner where it becomes a prolonged concern. It’s best to keep this in mind when it comes to the potential numbness of the gums.

Related Questions

1. What Happens After A Dog’s Dental Cleaning?

Most dogs will be sore after a dental cleaning. This can include general discomfort, pain, and/or numbness. These side effects should go away within a few hours or a day.

2. Is Dental Cleaning Safe For Older Dogs?

Dental cleanings are safe for older dogs as long as they are performed by a trusted specialist. Dental disease is a common concern in older dogs making it important to keep the teeth as clean as possible. If left untouched, it’s possible for the dog to deal with bacteria spreading into the bloodstream.

Final Thoughts

These are the main complications of dog dental cleanings.

It’s possible to see complications associated with dental cleanings in dogs. These complications can include numbness, pain, discomfort, and/or swelling of the gums.

Most of these will go away within a day or so.

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