How Do I Know If My Dog Likes Daycare? (Solved!)

Leaving your dog at the daycare isn’t an easy decision.

You will want to make sure your beloved pet is happy at all times. This is why a lot of dog owners wonder, how do i know if my dog likes daycare?

The best way to know if a dog likes daycare is by its excitement before going. This includes jumping in excitement, wagging its tail, and/or simply showing sheer joy. This will indicate the dog associates going to the daycare with having fun.

If your dog is not displaying these signs then something might be wrong. This can include the dog dealing with separation anxiety and/or not enjoying its time at the daycare.

Each situation is going to vary and it’s important to dig deeper into the problem. Don’t assume the dog will get over it as this might not be the case and it could be bad for the dog’s mental health.

This article will explain some of the things to look for when figuring out if your dog likes daycare or not.

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Signs To Look For Before Taking Dog To Daycare

1. Wagging Tail

You should look for a wagging tail to see if your dog is excited to go to the daycare.

It’s a common sign of excitement that you are going to pick up on quickly. This is just like anything else and should be treated as such.

For example, how does your dog react when it is time to go for a walk or go to the dog park? You will want to test the dog by using words it associates with daycare. These are words that are going to give you a good read on the dog’s emotional state.

Some dogs are going to be neutral and that’s okay. They won’t mind going to the daycare and that is a good sign too.

However, there are other dogs that will be wagging their tail like crazy. This is out of excitement and wanting to head out the door as soon as possible!

You should look for this as a common sign that your dog wants to go to the daycare.

how do i know if my dog likes daycare

2. Zoomies and/or Hopping in Excitement

This is another sign of excitement for your dog.

They are going to be running around all over the place out of sheer joy. This is the dog not knowing what to do with itself due to the anticipating of going to the daycare.

When you notice a dog starting to do this, you will know they are quite happy with what is about to happen.

Dogs that are in a state of excitement will do all sorts of things including zoomies, growling, barking, and/or whining.

You will also notice some dogs start jumping around out of joy.

This is something that will show they are quite happy with what is happening and it is something they do enjoy whenever they get the opportunity.

Of course, you will want to keep paying attention to see whether or not they associate this happiness with going out or with the daycare itself.

how do i know if my dog likes daycare

3. Increasing Excitement Near the Daycare

You will want to pay attention to the dog’s excitement.

A dog that isn’t excited will start to go into a psychological shell as soon as you get closer to the daycare. This is a sign they associate the place with negative emotions.

There can be several reasons for this and it doesn’t always have to be bad. Some dogs just have to fight against separation anxiety and that is what makes them upset at the daycare.

Dogs will start displaying an intense excitement when they are close to something they love such as a dog park or of course daycare.

You will want to pay attention to your dog as you get closer to the daycare.

If the dog is starting to get more and more happy then this is a good sign. They will associate specific scents and sights with the place, which means they are responding well to going there.

Related Questions

1. Do Dogs Like Going To Daycare?

Most dogs like going to daycare because it keeps them active, engaged, and happy. However, some dogs may not enjoy time at the daycare due to separation anxiety.

2. How Often Should Dogs Go To Daycare?

Dogs should go to daycare 2-3 times per week. Any more than this and it might start having a negative effect on the dog’s relationship with you. It’s important to build a constant relationship with the dog by spending time with it regularly.

Final Thoughts

How do i know if my dog likes daycare?

A dog that is wagging its tail, jumping around, and showing excitement closer to the daycare likely enjoys going. These are simple signs that you should be on the lookout for as a dog owner.

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