Martingale Collar Vs Harness? (Compared!)

When walking a dog and/or controlling their movement, you are going to want assistance. This can include a wide array of solutions and each one promises great results.

Two of the more common items that are used to control a dog’s movements including martingale collars and dog harnesses.

Martingale collars are designed to wrap around the dog’s neck and will tighten in response to the dog pulling. While dog harnesses wrap around the neck, shoulders, and chest allowing for a wider distribution of pulling force as it tightens. This can be easier on a dog’s body.

Each situation is going to be unique but it is generally recommended to go with a dog harness. These are far better for a dog’s health and can allow for a more controlled approach to keeping the dog in place.

This article will look at comparing a martingale collar vs harness to see which one is best for your dog.

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Benefits of Using a Dog Harness

1. Wider Distribution of Pulling Force

A dog harness is better than the martingale collar because it has a wider distribution of pulling force.

A good example of this would be a dog walking in front of you and then getting pulled back. With a martingale collar, all of the pulling force from you yanking is going to go towards the neck. This is highly uncomfortable for a dog if you are not careful.

In comparison, a dog harness is going to be wrapped around the torso and the pulling force is going to get distributed to all parts of the dog’s body. This is far easier for them and is going to be more comfortable in the long-term.

This is key when looking at comparing dog harnesses to martingale collars.

You will want to maintain control and a dog harness will allow you to do that. There is no reason to go ahead and use a martingale dog collar because the harness is a great fit.

martingale collar vs harness

2. Comfortable for the Dog

The one thing you are going to have to think about will be the dog’s comfort.

When you are walking, you will have to pull on the leash. This means the dog is going to be walking around and will know they are being controlled with the tug of a leash.

They get used to this idea.

However, when you use a martingale collar, it is going to start tugging at the neck. This is going to cause you to pull at the same part of the neck repeatedly. As you can imagine, this is painful for a dog whether they are small or big.

This is why dog harnesses are more comfortable for dogs.

Dogs will enjoy having the harness in place as it won’t keep tugging on one part of the body making it difficult to move around.

A dog harness is going to have better distribution with the pulling force.

This makes it easier for you to pull on the leash and know the dog isn’t going to get jolted back at the neck. This is a tightening sensation the dog isn’t going to like.

However, with a dog harness, they won’t mind how it feels.

martingale collar vs harness

3. Reduces Irritation

You also have to think about irritation of the skin.

A dog harness is far better for the skin because it is not going to keep rubbing against the same spot. The martingale collar tightens in the same spot repeatedly and this doesn’t always feel too good.

Dogs enjoy the harness better once they get used to it.

Dog harnesses are designed to reduce irritation making sure the dog’s skin and fur don’t get ruined.

The irritation can get to the point where the dog doesn’t want to walk.

This soreness isn’t worth it and it is something you want to account for as a dog owner. Don’t continue to use something that is dangerous.

Related Questions

1. Are Martingale Harnesses Good?

Martingale harnesses are a unique option that do offer benefits for dog owners. They provide a comfortable, relaxed option for dogs that are being controlled using a collar.

2. Are Martingale Collars Cruel?

Martingale collars are not cruel. However, they can place an unnecessary amount of pulling force to one part of the dog’s body (neck) which can cause irritation or discomfort.

Final Thoughts

This is what you need to look for when comparing a martingale collar vs harness.

When it comes to finding the right fit, a dog harness is going to be better. It will be more comfortable, offer better distribution of pulling force, and is going to reduce skin irritation.

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