I Kiss My Dog On The Lips (Is It Safe?!)

“I kiss my dog on the lips!”

Dogs are often your best friend and are quite affectionate. This can include them licking your face, snuggling, and just always wanting to be around you.

As a result, sometimes, you are going to be close to them and give them a peck on the face or even the lips. It is something you are going to do without thinking too much as a way to show your affection.

However, is it safe to kiss a dog on the lips?

It is not recommended to kiss a dog on the lips. A dog’s mouth is full of live bacteria that can be damaging to a human’s health. It is also possible for a dog to end up passing parasites onto a human via its mouth.

This is why it is best to avoid kissing your dog on the lips!

It is not something that will yield good results and could cause serious health issues over time. It is far better to give them a small rub on the forehead and/or give them a peck on the head if that is something you wish to do.

This article will take a look at why it is not safe to kiss a dog on the lips.

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Reasons To Not Kiss Dog On The Lips

1. Live Bacteria

The most important reason for not kissing a dog on the lips has to do with the bacteria in its mouth.

While a dog’s bacteria won’t be harmful in comparison to other animals, it is still dangerous to the average human especially through prolonged contact.

You don’t want to be on the receiving end of this bacteria causing an infection.

It is better to remain far away from the dog’s lips and find other ways to show affection. In fact, a lot of dog owners will refuse to be licked on the face by their dog as this can also be unhygienic depending upon the circumstances.

The bacteria will spread and it is going to do damage if this is a constant thing that happens.

If you do believe the dog needs affection then you will want to give them a nice belly rub or a pat on the head. This will go far in keeping them happy and you don’t have to kiss the dog on the lips!

i kiss my dog on the lips

2. Parasites

This is another reason for not kissing dogs on the lips.

They tend to have small parasites that settle near the mouth. For the dog, these parasites are not good and they certainly aren’t safe for humans.

This can lead to infections and/or other diseases that you don’t want to deal with.

Dogs can have parasites on their tongue, which can them pass onto a human through mouth-to-mouth contact.

Dogs are known for having things such as hookworks or roundworms that settle around the mouth area. When this happens, it is possible for the dog to start spreading it to humans through licking or kissing.

You will want to make sure this is not something you are doing with your dog!

i kiss my dog on the lips

3. Debris and/or Dirt

You also have to account for simple debris and/or dirt that is going to be around a dog’s mouth.

Dogs are fascinating animals but they will lick around. It is just a part of their nature to want to explore and see what is happening around them, which can cause them to lick things.

They will lick almost anything just to get a feel for what is in their surroundings. This can include dirt on the ground, grass, debris, and/or anything else that is near them!

Dogs are known for being curious lickers and this can cause them to spread debris/dirt across their lips.

Due to this, you don’t want to be kissing the dog.

If you do, it is possible they are going to pass on the debris to you.

Related Questions

1. Is It Normal To Kiss A Dog On The Lips?

It is not normal to kiss a dog on the lips. This can be dangerous as they can spread live bacteria and/or parasites to humans leading to significant health issues. It is best to find other ways to show affection.

2. Why Do I Kiss My Dog So Much?

Most dog owners will like kissing their dogs because it is a sign of affection. Dogs are also used to the idea of licking other dogs, which is why dog owners attempt to do to same with their beloved pet.

Final Thoughts

I kiss my dog on the lips!

It is not smart to kiss a dog on the lips even if it happens once in a while. This is dangerous and it can cause illness in humans due to bacteria and/or parasites.

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