Can I Take Dog Out During Thunderstorm? (Solved)

Dogs are noted for not enjoying lightning and/or thunder.

However, you are going to wonder whether or not it is safe to take a dog out for a walk during a thunderstorm. This might be something you don’t want to do as it will cause the dog to panic or become anxious.

Should be taking dog out during thunderstorm?

It is not recommended to take your dog out during a thunderstorm. This will cause them to panic and can create unnecessary stress on the animal. It is also not safe to be walking outdoors in the middle of a thunderstorm due to the potential of a lightning strike.

The best course of action is to find a different time to go out for a walk with your dog. In a lot of cases, your dog is already going to be terrified of the lightning or thunder indoors. The idea of taking them outside in the middle of a thunderstorm is a bad idea!

This article will look at why it is not smart to take a dog out during a thunderstorm.

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Reasons To Not Take Dog Out During Thunderstorm

1. Dogs are Scared of Thunder

Dogs are simply scared of thunder and this is what makes it important to avoid heading in this direction.

You don’t want to take your dog out when it is already panicking. A lot of dogs will exhibit signs of anxiety when they hear the rumble of a thunderstorm. They are going to start rushing to find somewhere safe to be and that certainly isn’t going to be outdoors!

With this in mind, it becomes important to not put the dog in a situation where it will get nervous. This can cause your dog to run away, become aggressive, and/or fail to listen to your commands.

Is that something you want to deal with in the middle of a thunderstorm?

Dogs are not fans of thunder because of how loud it can be. It is a sound they are not going to want to be around especially out in the open. Their survival instinct tends to flare up in these types of situation, which is why you have to keep them indoors.

taking dog out during thunderstorm

2. Unsafe

It is not smart to take a dog out with thunder around because it is generally unsafe.

You don’t want to be outdoors when it is raining and/or there is lightning around. This is going to create an environment that will be dangerous for the dog and isn’t going to let it walk in peace.

You don’t want to put the dog in this type of situation at any time of the day. Even if your dog has to go out for a walk, it is not smart to do it at this time.

Lightning strikes are not only dangerous for dogs bu also for humans that are spending time with their dog outdoors.

In general, a dog isn’t going to want to move when there’s thunder around.

Even if you get the dog to listen to you, it is not going to be happy. This is not the state you want your dog to be walking in as that isn’t good for its peace of mind.

Wait until the thunder goes away and then take your dog out for a walk.

taking dog out during thunderstorm

3. Increases Dog’s Anxiety

You have to pay attention to a dog’s mental well-being.

They are not going to be in the right state of mind when there is thunder around. This is a reason why dogs don’t like thunderstorms because the noise is difficult for them to comprehend. As a result, they are not going to want to be out in the open.

When you take them out for a walk, you are leaving them out in the open. This is something they are going to resist and/or become anxious about.

Dogs will become anxious when it comes to the loud noises of thunder and this can cause them to panic.

This type of anxiety is not good for dogs. It can have serious repercussions on their overall health both in the short and long term.

Take a step back and find other ways to keep your dog entertained.

Related Questions

1. How Do You Take Your Dog Out When It’s Storming?

if you want to take your dog out when it’s storming, the best option is to find a covered area with ample space for the dog to walk around in. You will also want to use an outdoor leash and make sure the dog is wearing some form of protection (i.e. raincoat) to keep them warm.

2. What Do You Do When A Dog Freaks Out In A Thunderstorm?

The best thing to do when a dog freaks out in a thunderstorm is to calm them, give treats, and find a safe spot for them to settle in. This is why it is not recommended to take a dog out in a thunderstorm because they will be in a state of panic.

Final Thoughts

Should you be taking dog out during thunderstorm?

It is not a good idea to take your dog out during a thunderstorm. They will not be happy with it and might even start panicking as soon as you step outdoors.

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