Are Dog’s Ears Supposed To Be Warm? (Solved!)

Dogs have beautiful ears that are going to stand out as soon as you look at them. Most dog owners won’t look twice at the ears and just assume they are a part of the dog’s build.

Yes, the dog’s ears are a part of their physical appearance but they can also tell a lot about their health.

The best option is to constantly pay attention to the dog’s ears to see how they are feeling. This includes asking, are dogs ears supposed to be warm?

Dogs ears are supposed to be warmer than a human’s touch. This is due to a dog’s body temperature being slightly higher than a human’s. If it is excessively warm, this might be a health issue the dog is dealing with leading to fever.

You have to be careful when paying attention to the temperature of a dog’s ears. It is important to make sure the dog is in good health.

The ears are a great way to tell what’s going on and can be a part of the dog’s body that you touch to see how they are doing.

This article is going to look at whether or not a dog’s ears are supposed to be warm along with what warm dog ears mean.

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Reasons For Dog’s Ear Being Warm

1. Natural Temperature

The best answer for why a dog’s ears are always warm comes down to their body temperature.

The dog’s body temperature is going to be slightly higher than a human’s. Due to this, they are going to have warmer ears along with almost every other part of their body.

There is nothing to worry about if that is the case.

The best way to know whether or not a dog’s ears are warm is with touch. You are just going to take your hand and rub it against the top of the dog’s ears. You will notice it is warm to the touch.

However, the only time you are going to have to consider other problems with the ear is if the temperature difference is too much. If it feels terribly hot to the touch then the dog might be ill.

Don’t assume everything is okay because that might not be the case at all.

are dogs ears supposed to be warm

2. Fever

If a dog has warm ears, you are going to have to see how warm they are.

It is okay for a dog’s ears to be slightly warm as that is their baseline. However, when things start to get to the point where the dog’s ears are burning hot then you will know they have a fever.

This can be a sign their immune system is fighting hard against a potential infection or injury.

A dog’s ears can start to warm up when they are dealing with an infection as it can lead to a fever.

The best course of action when a dog’s ears are hot is to take them to the vet.

This is especially true if the dog is exhibiting other symptoms that indicate it is hurt and/or ill. The faster you act, the more likely it is for the dog to get better.

are dogs ears supposed to be warm

3. Injury to the Ear

This is another cause for why a dog’s ears can get warm.

In general a dog’s warm ears will result from an injury that took place around the area. This can include a physical injury where they were hit along the side of their head by another animal or an object.

When this happens, you will see physical symptoms of damage too. Look for those symptoms.

Dogs can end up getting hurt and this will cause inflammation around or in the ear. Once this happens, their body temperature will rise.

A dog that has been injured is not only going to have warm ears but may also feel uncomfortable when you touch their ears.

This is a sign that something is wrong and the ear might be damaged.

Related Questions

1. How Warm Should Dog’s Ears Be?

A dog’s ears should be slightly warmer than a human’s touch. This is due to their body temperature being higher than a human’s be a small amount.

2. Why Do Dogs Ears Get Hot?

The most common reason for a dog’s ears getting hot has to do with an infection and/or illness. This can cause them to run a high fever, which causes the ears to heat up.

Final Thoughts

Are dog’s ears supposed to be warm?

Dogs have noticeable ears and they can get warm from time to time. If they get increasingly warm, this means the dog is running a high fever.

You will want to consult with a vet at this point.

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