When Do Puppies Teeth The Worst? (Explained!)

Teething is a part of a young dog’s life and it something dog owners notice.

You will see the dog biting different things around the house and just getting used to the feeling. This can become a comprehensive issue if you are not focusing on training the puppy right away.

One of the questions most people will ask is, when do puppies teeth the worst?

Puppies tend to teeth the worst around the 4-6 month mark. This is right before their adult teeth begin to grow in.

It’s best to make sure the puppy is as comfortable as possible and continues to be trained. You will want to find a way to reel the puppy’s biting and/or nipping by using treats and/or other similar solutions.

This article is going to look at a few tips to follow when it comes to training a teething dog.

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Tips For Helping Teething Dogs

1. Use Chew Toys

It all starts with chew toys.

You have to find an outlet for a teething puppy and the best way is to utilize chew toys. The reason these toys work well has to do with the sensation of digging into something that is chewy. It will soothe the dog’s desire to bite into something for comfort.

It is common for dogs to start nipping at different things around the house when they are teething. It is just a natural reaction to their surroundings and their oral health.

Of course, you won’t want this to happen!

As a result, if you want to help a teething puppy, it is best to invest in a good chew toy. The right chew toy should be easy to carry for the dog and long-lasting.

This is the best way to make sure the dog continues to use this teething toy for a while and doesn’t get bored. Otherwise, you are going to have the same issue to deal with as soon as the dog gets tired of its chew toy.

In fact, you should also look to mix things up a bit and try different chew toys from time to time.

when do puppies teeth the worst

2. Feed Frozen Fruits

This is a simple trick that is going to be good for the dog’s dietary intake.

The idea is to give frozen fruits to a teething dog. This means you are going to have a batch of frozen strawberries that are given to the dog to bite into.

The cold sensation is going to provide relief to the dog and it will enjoy eating something that can be swallowed without repercussions.

Frozen strawberries are a wonderful way to help teething dogs bite into something that is good for them and their teeth.

Take the time to learn more about what your teething dog likes.

Some are going to enjoy strawberries while others may prefer other types of frozen fruits. It is best to work out what is ideal for your dog’s taste buds.

The better option is always going to be the one the dog likes.

when do puppies teeth the worst

3. Freeze a Towel for Chewing

When you are trying to help a teething dog, you are going to have a few options available to you.

One of those solutions will be to take a towel and freeze it. This is going to make it cold and rigid. From this point, you are going to take the same towel and twist it into knots.

This will create a bit of tension in the towel.

Twisting the towel will increase the tension especially when it is frozen leading to a more pleasurable experience for a teething dog.

This is when you are going to give the frozen towel to the teething dog.

By getting a chance to bite into a frozen towel, the dog is going to enjoy the cold sensation and it’s going to help soothe their gums.

Related Questions

1. How Long Does The Chewing Biting Stage Last In A Puppy?

The chewing biting stage tends to last approximately 4-6 months in a puppy. Once they go through this stage, their adult teeth will begin to grow in and alleviate this type of behavior.

2. What Age Do Puppies Teeth The Most?

Puppies tend to teeth the most at the age of 4-6 months. This is the peak of when their teething starts to kick in leading to unwanted biting or nipping.

Final Thoughts

When do puppies teeth the worst?

Puppies will commonly teeth the worst at the 4-6 month mark. This is when they are going to start to nip around a little bit and try to soothe their gums using different solutions including chewing furniture at home!

Use chew toys and frozen fruits to stop them from chewing furniture all the time.

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