My Dog Had Puppies And They All Died (Explained!)

Dogs giving birth can be a stressful experience for dog owners.

The reason for it being stressful has to do with the chance of the puppies not being healthy and/or passing away. It is possible for all of the puppies to die causing confusion for dog owners as to what happened.

The reason all of the puppies passed away is infection during the pregnancy. This infection can harm the puppies when they are in the womb causing them to pass away.

Further research can be done on the puppies by having a post-mortem checkup done to see what occurred. This often sheds light on the reality of the situation.

In general, most puppies that do pass away immediately are suffering from an infection.

This article will look to understand why all of the puppies died after birth and what can cause this.

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Reasons All Of The Puppies Died At Birth

1. Infection

If all of the puppies die at birth, the most common reason is going to be a late pregnancy infection.

This happens when the mother dog gets sick near the last few weeks. Due to this, it is possible the infection will harm the mother and make it a difficult pregnancy to handle.

Unfortunately, if the infection is bad enough, it’s going to pass onto the puppies. As soon as this happens, their health is going to be at risk before and during birth.

In some cases, the puppies do pass away as soon as they are born. The infection spreads to the point where their immune system can’t handle it and they can’t sustain themselves.

It is highly recommended to consult with a vet to make sure the mom is okay. This will include checking her infection and/or seeing whether or not she’s healthy. This is pertinent due to the impact such a loss can have on a dog including the underlying health conditions she’s going to be suffering from.

my dog had puppies and they all died

2. Unhealthy or Dangerous Environment

You have to make sure the dog is in a comfortable environment.

Pregnant dogs are resilient and there is no doubt about this. Your dog is likely going to be the same. However, there is a limit as to what a dog can and cannot tolerate when it is pregnant.

This can include extreme temperatures, lack of food, and/or any other environmental factors including exposure to toxins in the air or on the ground.

If the environment is dangerous enough, it’s possible the puppies are all going to die at birth.

A dangerous environment can stress the mother causing it to give birth to puppies that are unhealthy or have already passed away.

Remember, the environment is just as important to a dog’s health as anything else during a pregnancy.

This is why it’s important to take your time and make sure the pregnant dog is in good health at all times. If all of the puppies have passed away then you will want to look at whether or not the environment had a role to play in it.

This is key because you will want to change the environmental factors as soon as possible. Otherwise, your dog is still going to be at risk.

my dog had puppies and they all died

3. Lack of Food and Water

This is more of a basic reason but one that does have to be accounted for.

Was your dog getting enough food to eat? Was this healthy food that was good for the mother dog while being pregnant?

Ask yourself these questions honestly.

Mother dogs that are struggling to survive can end up giving birth to puppies that have passed away. This is due to a simple lack of nutrients to sustain the puppies in the womb later in the pregnancy.

In a lot of cases, it is the lack of nutrients that can become a real source of concern.

If the mother isn’t getting enough nutrients, how is she going to keep the puppies healthy? Eventually, she is going to start fading herself and that will pass onto the puppies.

Related Questions

1. Why Would An Entire Litter Of Puppies Die?

An entire litter of puppies can die due to a late pregnancy infection, dangerous environmental conditions, and/or a lack of nutrients in the womb.

2. Do Dogs Grieve When Their Puppies Die?

Dogs do grieve when their puppies die by showing a lack of energy, focus, and a willingness to eat. However, they can change their behavior if 1-2 puppies are still alive by concentrating on caring for them.

Final Thoughts

For those saying, “My dog had puppies and they all died!” it is these reasons that are going to be a factor in why they passed away.

Whether it is a late pregnancy infection or a simple lack of nutrients, each situation is unique. It’s best to get to the bottom of it as a dog owner before your dog’s health deteriorates too.

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