How To Keep Dog Out Of Cat Room? (Helpful Tips!)

Is your dog always going into the cat’s room?

This can become a concern if your cat is unhappy with the dog’s presence and/or it starts to scare the cat. The goal is to make sure both animals have a good relationship but it’s also smart to understand how to keep a dog out of the cat’s room.

The best way to keep a dog out of the cat’s room is to use a pet gate. By setting up a pet gate, it will restrict where the dog goes without harming either animal.

Over time, you can start to work on bonding the two animals and making sure they are in a good relationship with each other. However, early on, you are going to have to show a bit of intelligence and use a good-quality pet gate that separates the two animals.

This will be more than enough to deliver the results that you are after.

This article will provide additional tips on how to keep a dog out of the cat’s room safely.

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Tips On How To Keep Dog Out Of Cat Room

1. Use a Pet Gate

You will want to think about setting up a pet gate between the two spaces.

This is a good idea because it is more of a logical solution that will not require regular upkeep. Once the pet gate is up, most dogs are not going to test their luck in trying to get to the other side.

Of course, you do want to make sure the dog gate is a high one. If it is too low, the dog could easily climb or jump over the gate if necessary.

You don’t want to test your luck in this regard!

The better option is to find a high dog gate that can be set up between the two rooms. A lot of people even try to keep the pets on different levels until they get used to each other.

You always want to be slow and methodical with the adjustment phase. This includes getting the dog used to the cat’s scent and vice versa. This can be done by bringing over a blanket that has the other animal’s scent. The dog will get used to this scent and will then not worry about the cat.

keep dog out of cat room

2. Use a Crate

When it comes to figuring out how to keep a dog out of a cat’s room, you will want to try a gate. However, what if this is not enough to keep them away?

You will want to look at going with a dog crate.

This crate can be set up in one room as a way to make sure they are controlled at all times. This is a good option for younger dogs that can get themselves into trouble innocently.

Dogs that have to be trained can be kept in crates for short periods before they adjust to their surroundings.

It is not good to keep the dog in the crate all the time. This is not the best solution to pursue.

Instead, you want to do it overnight and/or as a way to make it easier for the dog to know this is where it sleeps. Once the dog gets used to the idea of having a separate space, it will want to be in that area more than the cat’s room.

keep dog out of cat room

3. Train the Dog

You should always try to train the dog as that is the best long term solution.

This is done by constantly stopping the dog from going into the other room and rewarding it when the right steps are taken.

Treats and positive affirmations (i.e. good boy!) tend to work well when training a dog not to go into another room. They will pick up on this, especially at a young age.

With younger dogs, this will eventually get through to them. You can even do this with older dogs and not have to worry about them misbehaving too much.

Just take your time and go through this as much as possible.

Related Questions

1. How Do I Stop My Small Dog From Using The Cat Door?

The best way to stop a small dog from using a cat’s door is to set up microchip-enabled entrances. This means only when the cat walks through is the door going to open. Otherwise, it will remain shut.

2. How Can I Keep My Dog Warm Around My Cat?

The best way to keep a dog warm around cats is to introduce them slowly. This includes having them in the same house but in separate rooms. Get the pets used to each other’s scents by using toys and/or blankets. Once they get used to the scent, they will get used to the other pet.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips on how to keep a dog out of cat room.

Always take the time to look for a long term solution in the form of training. However, a pet gate will go a long way if you want a solution as soon as possible.

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