How To Stop Dog From Opening Doors (Helpful Tips)

Dogs are inquisitive animals and often want to explore the area around them. This can cause dogs to act in ways that can be dangerous and/or not the way you want them to. If your dog keeps opening doors, it might end up getting outside and/or going into rooms that are unsafe. This is why it becomes important to learn how to stop dog from opening doors.

The best way to stop dog from opening doors is to use an additional locking mechanism to keep the door closed. This can include a traditional lock, deadbolt, or any other security mechanism to keep the door shut even when the handle is pulled.

This is something the dog won’t be able to get past.

Key factors include:

  • Accessibility to the Door
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Height and Strength of the Dog

Smaller dogs are going to have a much harder time when it comes to opening doors. While larger dogs can get their paw up to the door to yank it open.

This is why it becomes important to learn how to stop dog from opening doors. It is the only way you are going to keep the dog safe or away from where it shouldn’t go.

This article will show how to stop dog from opening doors along with what to avoid doing. These tips will go a long way in making sure the dog doesn’t go where it is not supposed to.

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Tips On How To Stop Dog From Opening Doors

1. Use a Higher Lock

The main issue has to do with the locking mechanism.

Dogs can open doors when they don’t have a proper lock in place. Otherwise, the dog doesn’t have fingers, so it won’t know how to get the door to open when it comes to the lock itself.

However, traditional locks sometimes are easier to open when the dog pushes against the door. This is why it’s important to use a deadbolt mechanism that requires fingers.

As you learn how to stop dog from opening doors, you will want to also make sure to put the lock out of reach. This means the dog can’t stand up and get to the lock even if it is on its hind legs.

how to stop dog from opening doors

2. Set Up a Pet Gate

You can also take the time to set up a pet gate near the door.

This is when you are going to make sure the dog can’t get near the door at all. The goal can be to set it up near the staircase and/or where the entrance to the room is.

Pet gates are great as a way to control where the dog is going inside the room. It will train the dog not to go where it is not supposed to.

This isn’t always an option as your learn how to stop dog from opening doors but it is something to account for over the long haul.

You have to take the time to make sure the pet gate is robust.

If the pet gate isn’t tall enough or robust, it will become easy for the dog to leap over it. This is why taking the time to invest in a good pet gate is just as important as a great lock.

how to stop dog from opening doors

3. Use Training Methods

While figuring out how to stop dog from opening doors, you will want to try using a constant stream of training methods.

These training methods are great when it comes to getting the dog to understand opening the door is not a good idea or encouraged.

Over time, the dog will learn.

Dogs are willing to learn and can adapt when it comes to specific training methods. It’s important to use treats and positive reinforcement for situations such as these when they don’t open the door.

However, you will have to be aware during the training process.

This includes making sure the dog is listening to you, using treats, and ensuring additional barriers are put in place so the dog can’t open it when you aren’t looking.

Related Questions

1. Why Does My Dog Always Open My Door?

Dogs can open doors because they are curious and know they can remove the hurdle out of their way. This can happen due to curiosity involving a specific scent or sound on the other side.

2. Can Dogs Open Locked Doors?

It’s unlikely for a dog to open a locked door. However, some dogs may fiddle around with the handle to try to get it to open.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips on how to stop dog from opening doors.

These tips will go a long way when it comes to making sure your dog doesn’t open doors all the time. As long as you set up a good lock, you will be good to go.

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