Can Dogs Eat Tomatillos? (Solved)

Tomatillos or the “Mexican Husk Tomato” are quite popular in certain parts of the world. This makes them an intriguing option when prepping for meals and/or creating adored recipes. However, what about your dog and what it can eat? Can dogs eat tomatillos?

No, dogs cannot eat tomatillos as they are filled with a toxic alkaloid called solanine. This is common in several vegetables including peppers, eggplants, and/or tomatoes. It’s highly recommended to avoid giving tomatillos to dogs for this reason.

If you do want to include vegetables in a dog’s diet, there are other options such as broccoli and/or cauliflower that are a good fit. It’s best to look at something that will improve a dog’s quality of life rather than poison them.

Key factors:

  • Presence of Toxic Alkaloids
  • Symptoms After Consumption
  • Digestive Health

Now, when asking “Can dogs eat tomatillos?” you might assume a little bit is okay. While a dog can survive eating tomatillo, this doesn’t mean there aren’t considerable side effects of consuming something like this.

In fact, studies show dogs will show immediate signs of nausea, fatigue, and/or vomiting after eating tomatillo. This is reason enough to know dogs should not eat tomatillos at any stage.

It is just not conducive for their health over the short and long term.

This article will answer “Can dogs eat tomatillos?” by showcasing what makes tomatillos bad for dogs.

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Reasons For Why Dogs Can’t Eat Tomatillos

1. Solanine

It all starts and ends with the makeup of the average tomatillo.

It’s simply not safe for consumption and that is the biggest reason dogs should not eat tomatillos. Solanine is a common alkaloid that is found in specific types of vegetables and that includes tomatillos.

As a result, dogs should not be eating this type of vegetable in their diet plan. Even a small amount can be dangerous because a dog’s digestive system can’t process the alkaloid.

It’s a common mistake to ask “Can dogs eat tomatillos?” and then assume it’s safe because humans can eat it. Please remember, what a dog can eat is not the same as what a human can eat. Our systems are different and should not be compared to the average dog.

can dogs eat tomatillos

2. Causes Nausea and Vomiting

So, what are the symptoms of a dog eating tomatillos?

Is it possible they are not going to be bad for your dog? Is it possible a smaller dog is going to be impacted more than a larger dog?

No, it is not possible for a dog to deal with less severe symptoms as soon as they consume tomatillos. It will come down to the amount that has been consumed and how the dog’s system reacts to it. This is going to vary regardless of the dog’s size or breed.

As a result, you should avoid tomatillos completely to keep the dog safe.

Dogs will start to exhibit these symptoms as soon s they consume tomatillo and this can become a prolonged battle with time.

If they do consume it, they are going to deal with multiple digestive health issues.

This includes starting to become faint, show signs of nausea, and/or vomit. These are just some of the lingering symptoms that will last until the tomatillo gets through the system.

can dogs eat tomatillos

3. No Valuable Impact

You have to realize when asking “Can dogs eat tomatillos?” it often comes down to the value of the vegetable in a dog’s diet.

Is it really worth it?

No, there is no valuable impact in giving tomatillos to a dog even in small amounts. They are not going to retain any of the nutrients you think they are consuming!

Dogs that consume these types of vegetables see zero benefits even if they are okay for humans. Instead, it acts as nothing more than a poisonous treat.

This means you are giving them nothing except poison.

There are other ways to go about this and there are vegetables that are great for dogs. You should stick to those veggies instead of relying on something like tomatillos.

Related Questions

1. What Happens When A Dog Eats Green Tomatoes?

Solanine is found in the green tomatoes and this is bad for dogs. As a result, the dog is going to start exhibiting symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and/or vomiting once they eat a green tomato.

2. Can Dogs Eat Green Peppers and Tomatoes?

Dogs can consume green peppers and tomatoes but it’s recommended not to give it to them. There can be dangerous alkaloids present such as solanine that are bad for a dog’s digestive health.

Final Thoughts

“Can dogs eat tomatillos?”

It is not a good idea to give tomatillos to a dog. It is going to harm their digestive health and lead to several symptoms including nausea and/or vomiting.

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