My Cat Only Eats Wet Food! (Explained)

Cats are picky eaters and each one is going to have a unique set of preferences. Some cats will only like eating chicken while others are going to be more than willing to eat anything that’s okay for their digestive system. It is always going to differ between cats. One of those preferences will cause you to say, “My cat only eats wet food!”

Some cats only eat wet food because they prefer the taste, texture, and/or moisture content in the meal. Dry cat food can sometimes hurt their throat and that puts them off eating food in this manner.

Wet cat food also has a more natural texture profile a cat would be used to in the wild. This is why there’s a natural instinct to like wet cat food in comparison to dry alternatives.

Key factors include:

  • Texture Profile
  • Taste
  • Water Content

When you say “My cat only eats wet food!” you will wonder whether this is safe or not. Remember, wet cat food is just another form of food and there is nothing wrong with the cat wanting its food like this.

Yes, you may wonder whether or not the wet cat food will go bad but it is just going to come down to timing. If you time the feedings right, there’s nothing wrong with canned cat food.

It will work just as well as dry cat food!

This article will help those saying “My cat only eats wet food!” by showing what the reasons can be for a cat wanting to eat wet cat food.

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Reasons For Cat Only Eating Wet Cat Food

1. Texture

It all starts with the texture.

Wet cat food has a softer texture due to the liquid inside. This makes it a lot easier for the cat to eat the food and digest it without having issues.

Some cats simply prefer that texture due to this reason.

The crunch of dry cat food might not be something the cat prefers. Instead, it will seek out wet cat food because it is more in line with hunting food in the wild.

It is these simpler details that a cat thinks about. If you are saying “My cat only eats wet food!” then you are already aware of this preference. If it has to do with the texture then you will have to continue with wet cat food or the cat will stop eating!

my cat only eats wet food

2. High in Water

You can take a look at whether or not the cat is getting access to fresh water during the day.

Some cats prefer wet cat food because it is filled with moisture. This makes it ideal from a thirst perspective and allows them to get a bit of liquid in the body.

Cats that don’t get enough water might want to eat wet cat food because it simply offers a good amount of moisture through the food.

If you want to see a change in this behavior then it might be time to take a look at the water you are putting out for the cat.

If the water isn’t healthy and/or in line with what the cat wants, it might start to seek water from other sources including wet cat food.

my cat only eats wet food

3. Improved Taste

When you say “My cat only eats wet food!” you have to realize this is just food.

This means the cat might end up preferring the taste of wet cat food. It might even have to do with the specific brand of cat food you are giving to the cat tasting better.

Cats are finicky eaters, which means they are going to be impacted by the taste. This includes any improvements that are seen through the cat food being wet.

Yes, it is as simple as this sometimes!

The goal is to try different cat foods to see which one the cat prefers. If all of them are wet cat food then it might just be the taste profile along with the texture.

Related Questions

1. Is It Okay My Cat Only Eats Wet Food?

Yes, it is okay if a cat only eats wet cat food as long as it’s in line with their dietary needs and offers a healthy amount of nutrients.

2. Why Does My Cat Prefer Wet Food?

Cats can prefer wet food because it has a better taste, more water, and/or improved texture. Each cat is unique and this can be one of their preferences.

Final Thoughts

“My cat only eats wet food!”

Some cats will prefer only eating wet cat food because it tastes better, has a superior texture, and/or offers a good amount of moisture.

Each cat is different but these are the most common reasons.

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