My Cat Keeps Gagging But Nothing Comes Out! (Helpful Tips)

It is a terrible sight to see your cat gagging and uncomfortable. In some cases, this can become a common concern as the cat begins to age. For those saying “My cat keeps gagging but nothing comes out!” you will naturally want to put the cat at ease right away.

When a cat gags but nothing comes out, it might have to do with a trapped hairball, lodged food, and/or a non-edible item that has been swallowed by the cat.

It’s essential to not wait to long when this happens. You will want to seek a qualified vet for more information if this is different from a regular hairball.

Key factors include:

  • Duration of the Gagging
  • Age of the Cat
  • Past Behavior

Most cat owners that say “My cat keeps gagging but nothing comes out!” will have some form of experience with their cat. This includes past hairballs the cat has had along with potential gagging fits.

You have to realize the cat is going to be in a state of complete discomfort and it is essential to keep it calm. If this is just like any other hairball, it won’t last for a long time.

However, if you believe the cat has swallowed something and/or this has gone on for too long, it’s essential to consult with a medical specialist as soon as you can.

This guide will take a look at what to do for those saying “My cat keeps gagging but nothing comes out!” and what to avoid doing.

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Tips To Follow If Your Cat Keeps Gagging But Nothing Comes Out

1. Look at the Cat’s Level of Distress

Start by assessing a cat’s level of distress.

You don’t want a situation where the cat is troubled and/or in signs of pain. This will show the cat is dealing with something that has trapped into its windpipe and that can become a serious health concern.

This is not the same as a hairball and you can’t wait for it to just pass. It won’t. This can endanger the cat’s health and cause it to die.

You will want to focus on how the cat is doing around the house. If it is a bit of gagging then it might just be a hairball. You should also take the time to compare to previous hairballs the cat has had to pass. Is this similar to that experience or is this different?

This is key information for those saying “My cat keeps gagging but nothing comes out!” because it will shed light on what to do next.

my cat keeps gagging but nothing comes out

2. Look for Lack of Appetite and Laziness

You will have to concentrate on whether or not the cat is moving as much as it normally does.

If not, this might be something more serious.

For example, cats that refuse to eat food will often have something in their throat that is causing them to gag. You will want to make sure the cat is okay in a situation such as this or it will end up dealing with serious health issues.

Cats will often exhibit significant symptoms after 1-2 days of this state and it can include a complete lack of eating. This is often when you have to visit a vet.

If you do notice a lack of appetite then it is time to visit a vet.

Don’t let this drag on for too long because it will only get worse. The cat is going to refuse to eat in this state because of how much it hurts.

my cat keeps gagging but nothing comes out

3. Speak to a Vet

When saying “My cat keeps gagging but nothing comes out!” you have to realize the best option is always to speak to a medical professional.

They will do a quick x-ray and assess what’s trapped inside the cat’s throat.

This will go a long way in shedding light on what needs to happen and what to avoid during the treatment phase. A lot of cats can end up needing surgical assistance if something is lodged inside.

Cats are capable of swallowing foreign objects due to their curiosity and these items can get lodged in the throat causing significant concerns.

Focus on this and you are going to be good to go.

This is key when it comes to those saying “My cat keeps gagging but nothing comes out!” because it will make sure you keep the cat safe.

Related Questions

1. How Do You Know If Your Cat Has A Hairball Blockage?

You will know a cat has a hairball blockage when it starts retching and/or gagging. A more serious, life-threatening blockage will entail a lack of eating, laziness, vomiting, and/or days of unrelenting gagging.

2. Why Does My Cat Keep Retching?

The most common reason for a cat to keep retching involves a hairball. However, it can also happen when a cat has ingested a foreign object that is lodged in its throat. This is why it’s important to make sure the cat is safe and not in a state of distress.

Final Thoughts

“My cat keeps gagging but nothing comes out!”

It is always a tough sight to deal with when a cat keeps gagging without anything coming out. This is when you have to consult with a vet.

There are life-threatening cases where the blockage doesn’t go away. This includes hairballs. Only a vet can help with these cases.

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