My Cat Hissed At Me For The First Time! (Explained)

When a cat hisses at you, it can cause you to stop in your tracks. You might wonder what’s going on and what to do about it. This is a common cat behavior and one that is seen in all types of cats. For those saying “My cat hissed at me for the first time!” it’s important to understand what’s going on.

Cats can hiss at you when anxious, upset, and/or don’t want you in their personal space. This can happen for a wide array of reasons but it’s common for a cat to hiss to pass on the message.

You have to make sure to give the cat a bit of space or it might paw at you. This is why it’s important to stay patient when it comes to keeping your cat safe and happy.

Key factors include:

  • Bond With The Cat
  • Anxiety/Fear
  • General Discomfort

For those saying, “My cat hissed at me for the first time!” you will want to make sure to focus on your cat’s needs. Each cat is going to have a unique trigger that causes it to want you to stay away. Some reasons may have to do with you while others might have to do with the surrounding elements (i.e. sights, sounds).

You have to find the root cause.

As long as you do this, you are going to see good results and the cat will become more comfortable around you. This can take a bit of time but there is nothing to worry about.

If you are saying “My cat hissed at me for the first time!” this article will show what some of the reasons can be for a cat hissing at you.

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Reasons For Cat Hissing At You

1. Upset

The main reason a cat will hiss at you for the first time has to do with being upset.

There are various reasons for why a cat might be upset to the point of hissing. This can include not being comfortable with the setting, getting scared due to a thunderstorm, and/or just not eating well.

Some cats can also start hissing when they feel weak. This happens when a cat is sick and doesn’t know how to react to the pain or discomfort. They might try to hiss as a way to ensure you stay away from them.

my cat hissed at me for the first time

2. Wants Space

When you say “My cat hissed at me for the first time!” it is usually going to be with the cat trying to push you away. They will be angling to make sure you don’t come any closer than you are.

This is when you have to take the hint and step back.

If you don’t, it is possible the cat is going to paw or lunge at you. This is not a comfortable spot to be in and is only going to agitate the cat even more!

Cats are territorial and sometimes just want to stay on their own. This can cause them to act out whether it’s showing a defensive stance and/or hissing.

Sometimes, a cat just needs a bit of space.

You should be willing to give the cat that type of space to make sure it’s comfortable where it is.

my cat hissed at me for the first time

3. General Anxiety or Fear

This is a common reason for cats hissing at you.

They might be dealing with a trigger that caused them to get scared. This can happen because the cat just got frightened by another animal or sound.

Whatever the reason may be, you will have to give the cat a bit of time.

Cats are unique when it comes to how quickly their anxiety levels can rise. Even in a comfortable setting, it’s common for cats to get into this state from time to time even if it doesn’t last long.

You can also work on being positive around the cat and/or use treats.

The goal is to focus on easing the cat into the setting rather than trying to pet them all the time. This is how you are going to get hurt.

Related Questions

1. Is It Bad To Hiss Back At Your Cat?

It is not smart to hiss back at a cat. This is communicating aggression and/or being upset to the cat. They can take it the wrong way and potentially lunge at you.

2. What To Do When A Cat Hisses At You?

When a cat hisses at you, it’s important to take a step back, avoid staring at the cat, and give the cat a bit of time. This will ensure the cat doesn’t feel cornered and eases up.

Final Thoughts

“My cat hissed at me for the first time!”

Hissing cats can be upsetting but it’s important to not worry. Most cats will relax after a few hours especially if you give them a bit of space.

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