My Cat Won’t Eat Prescription Food! (Helpful Tips)

Vets will sometimes prescribe food for cats. This is done to ensure they are getting the right nutrients and/or treatment for their health. However, this doesn’t mean the cat is always going to be onboard with the idea! Instead, there are times when a cat won’t eat prescription food at all.

If your cat won’t eat prescription food, it’s recommended to use flavor enhancers, maintain a positive attitude, experiment with different temperatures, and/or ask the vet for alternatives.

It’s common for ill cats to refuse eating prescription food. It’s difficult due to their symptoms and it won’t be as satisfying as their regular cat food. This is why a lot of cats refuse to eat prescription food and don’t want to even come close!

Key factors include:

  • Type of Prescription Food
  • Natural Preferences
  • Timing

If your cat won’t eat prescription food, there is no reason to panic. You will have more than enough chances to make adjustments until the cat is happy.

Since the cat can’t speak to you, it becomes important to mix things up a bit. See what works. The more your experiment, the easier it will get to hit the sweet spot with your cat.

This article will shed light on what to do if your cat won’t eat prescription food. These tips will go a long way in making sure the cat does eat its prescription food as soon as you want it to.

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Tips To Follow If Your Cat Won’t Eat Prescription Food

1. Use a Flavor Enhancer

Prescription food is not always going to taste good.

Some cats refuse to eat this type of food because it just doesn’t have a pleasant taste. Just like humans, cats are also picky eaters and will have personal preferences that sway their decisions.

However, this is not the end of the world.

If your cat won’t eat prescription food, take the time to find flavor enhancers. These are commonly sold on the open market and can be a good option when you want to add a twist to the cat’s prescription food. Just a little bit of the flavor enhancer might get the job done.

Please do speak to your vet to find out which type of flavor enhancer works best for your cat’s medical history.

cat won't eat prescription food

2. Maintain a Positive Attitude When Giving The Food

This is an underrated tip.

If your cat won’t eat prescription food, it is important to maintain a positive attitude when giving the food. Cats will pick up on these details and they won’t be happy if you aren’t.

The cat is already ill, so you want to make things as fun as possible. Just maintaining a positive attitude can get the cat to give it a shot.

Cats are known to pay attention to your emotions and a positive attitude can be more than enough to get the cat to give prescription food a shot.

A lot of cat owners are depressed when giving the cat something it doesn’t like. You may even try to get forceful in the hopes of improving the cat’s condition!

This is the wrong approach to take and dangerous.

You don’t want the cat to associate something that’s good for her as a bad thing. This is when the cat will make all future treatments a difficult process.

cat won't eat prescription food

3. Change the Temperature

If your cat won’t eat prescription food, it is best to try changing the food’s temperature.

It doesn’t have to be by a lot.

Just warming the food a bit could make a real difference. It might start to have a different taste and/or texture to it due to the heat and sometimes that is enough.

If the food is cold, try warming it up a bit to see whether or not the cat responds. Cats do care about food temperature and might light how it smells/tastes at a different temperature.

Play around with this to see how the cat reacts.

Even a subtle change in the cat’s willingness due to the temperature is a real win. It is a good step in the right direction.

Related Questions

1. What Do I Do If My Cat Won’t Eat Renal Food?

If a cat won’t eat renal food, it’s important not to force the issue. Instead, persuade the cat to eat the food by changing its flavor profile, warming it, and/or using flavor enhancers.

2. How Can I Get My Cat To Eat Prescription Food?

The best way to get your cat to eat prescription food is to use flavor enhancers, change the food’s temperature, and/or try positive reinforcement when giving the food.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to follow if your cat won’t eat prescription food.

It is a tough situation to be in but not the end of the world! You can make a difference by implementing the tips that have been offered here.

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