Why Is My Cat So Attached To Me Lately? (Explained)

Cats are not always going to stay the same. Sometimes this can be for the better and sometimes it can be for the worse. A lot of cat owners mention they notice a change in how affectionate their cat is including how much they seek them out. This is when you might start asking, why is my cat so attached to me lately?

Cats can start getting attached to you because they’re pregnant, cold, anxious, and/or getting older. These natural changes can make them want to get closer to their owner as a safety net.

It’s important to note, most cats are going to have natural changes in their behavior. It isn’t something to worry about but it can be insight into the cat’s hormonal changes. You will want to keep tabs on the cat’s overall health when this starts happening.

Key factors include:

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging

If you are wondering, “Why is my cat so attached to me lately?” then you will already be aware of the change. This is a good thing as it will allow you to get out in front of any underlying issue that is present.

Take the time to investigate what the cat does when it is around you. Is the cat always tired? is the cat looking to maintain contact with you all the time?

These are key details to look into when asking “Why is my cat so attached to me lately?” as these factors will indicate what’s going on.

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Reasons Cat Is Attached To You Lately

1. Pregnancy

If you have a female cat that hasn’t been spayed then it might have to do with her being in heat and/or pregnant. This can cause a serious hormonal change in the cat’s body that lasts for a while.

If the cat is pregnant then it may want to stay close as a way to remain safe.

This is going to be clear as you start to feel around her belly. You will notice it swollen and this is going to become more apparent with time. It is essential to keep tabs on your female cat for this reason especially when she hasn’t been spayed.

For those asking “Why is my cat so attached to me lately?” this is a good starting point with female cats.

Of course, if you have a male cat, this will not apply.

why is my cat so attached to me lately

2. Anxious

Another reason has to do with anxiety.

Let’s assume a cat has been confident in its surroundings for years. This can cause it to have specific spots around the house where it likes to stay (i.e. window sills, under furniture). Unfortunately, anything can cause them to get startled.

This can include a thunderstorm that passed by and created quite a bit of noise.

This will confuse the cat and it might not be as confident as it used to be inside the house. This will make it want to get closer to you.

Cats can become attached when they are afraid of something inside the house (i.e. another pet, strange sounds).

When asking “Why is my cat so attached to me lately?” you will want to see whether or not there have been additional changes to the cat’s health.

For example, is the cat always anxious when you leave the room? Does it whine more?

This can be a sign the cat is anxious.

why is my cat so attached to me lately

3. Aging

For those wondering “Why is my cat so attached to me lately?” you also have to account for the reality of life which is aging.

Aging is just something that will change a cat’s behavior.

It will start to slow down and it indeed will get closer to you in some cases.

Studies show a cat that starts to age will often lose energy and is going to want to stay closer to its owner as a safety net.

If this happens, you will want to go to a vet and make sure there is no lingering issue that has to be handled.

This is essential when it comes to doing things the right way and for your peace of mind.

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Final Thoughts

“Why is my cat so attached to me lately?”

Cats can become attached over time when their bond strengthens, they’re pregnant, anxious, and/or aging. Each situation is unique and it comes down to your cat.

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